Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 23: Attempting To Killing Him

Noah was in his room preparing a stake to do his mission, "Can I really do this...?", he asks himself as he sharpens his stake, "If i do one wrong move then I'm done for.", he continues talking to himself gripping on the stake as he finishes sharpening it, "For us..", he said referring to him and Aviana, he then stood up hiding the stake in his pants under his shirt, he now heads out to go to his tasks in the mansion.

He was nervous throughout while doing his tasks as he plans on how he'll do his plan and make it a success, he remembers that he will be the one tasked to prepare Kenji's food, "That's right!", he mutters to himself as a tap on his shoulder startled him, "What is right Noah?", a girl asks and sat besides him, "You've been spacing out staring at that bookshelf, you know it won't clean itself.", Aviana said before chuckling and helping him clean up, "It's almost lunch I guess you should head and prepare the boss' meal.", she said smiling a bit, "Oh yeah you're right.", Noah said in a pale tone making Aviana worried, she then held his hand, "You okay?", she asks and Noah sighs nodding before heading to the kitchen leaving the worried girl in the study without further words.

time to use this poison from that old geezer in the dirty auction.", he said before pouring it in Kenji's drink, he then sighed as he heads back in the kitchen when Kenji enters the dining room, he watches his action his hand trembles that he might

are talking about boss..", Noah reasoned out as his voice shake out of nervousness, "A cheap poison is easily smelled by us vampires and you know fresh animal blood don't smell like a rotten fish.", Kenji said making Noah faces him whispering on his ears, "Who ordered you to kill me? Was it Rehan?", Kenji asks and

you are still loyal to me stop now, you do know you'll never win against me.", Kenji said grabbing the stake and destroying it to pieces, "Don't be scared of Rehan, I'll make sure to lay his staked body before you.", Kenji continues speaking before moving away from Noah, "All you have to do is stay loyal

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