Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 22: Dealing With Danger

As Noah was in the garden alone he decided to head to the forest, he makes sure no one knows, he reached not that deep in the forest before he saw Rehan standing near a big tree, "Good you came.", Rehan said and shook Noah's hand, Noah then retreat his hand and clear his throat, "I don't have much time, Aviana will look for me anytime soon, so what is the deal all about?", Noah ask as she stares intently at Rehan's eyes, "Disrespectful are we?", Rehan said before chuckling, he then cleared his throat.

Noah stays quiet as he listens on what Rehan is saying, he would gasp at his words, "K-kill Kenji?", Noah repeated as he can't believe what he hears, "Yes, stake his heart and then I'll pull you and Aviana out of that mansion and lift you under my protection.", Rehan said and Noah thinks everything through, "And what if I fail in this short amount of time you gave me?", Noah asks, "If you fail to kill him in 2 days starting tomorrow, of course I'll pull out Aviana alone and kill you.", Rehan said and Noah sighs, "Fine, if this is about our safety then I'll do it.", Noah said and starts to head back, "Oh wait up Noah, I just want to know, do you like Aviana?", Rehan asks making Noah stop on his tracks.

he answers, "Yes I do.", Noah then heads back in the mansion, "You like

in time, "Do I really do like her? Or is it just my thirst on succeeding my plan on being inside the golden group?", he asks himself and then he hears a sweet voice calling him, he looks at the owner of the voice, he then smiles to see Aviana, "Done with your tasks here?", she

look so happy with him.", Brea whispered and Aviana blushes, "Maybe you're right on me liking him.", Aviana whispers back as she look at Brea with a smile, "Then it is true!", Brea suddenly screamed making Aviana covers her mouth, "Shush he is behind us!", Aviana whisper shouts and Brea show her peace sign, "What is true?", Noah asks and the two girls said 'No' in unison, and he was

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