Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 20: Protecting Her

Noah was in his room waking up slowly, and to his surprise a man stood at his window, "Who are you?", he asks as he immediately stood up from his bed, "Sir Rehan sent me here to give this to you.", the man said and he left the letter to his bed side table before shape shifting to a bat and flying fast away, Noah then gets the letter on his bed side table, opening it and reading the contents.

Letter: Noah, I want to have some deal with you, meet me tomorrow on the forest nearby Kenji's garden, if you don't appear in the morning, I'll assume you refuse the offer, I'll be waiting till noon only. -Rehan

he decided to meet up with him tomorrow, he then gets ready for the day of his tasks, he heads down to meet Aviana in the main lounge, "Good morning.", he greeted and Aviana only nods, it worry him,

as he starts cleaning also, Aviana sighs heavily first before she speaks, "Yesterday when I am on task alone, he told me his real motives.", she started and Noah stays quiet looking at her as he listens to her following sentences, "He want to turn me into a vampire saying that I can take in the DNA.",

Noah said making the girl looks at him, "How?", she asks Noah then breaks the hug as he stares on the window showing the garden path towards the forest, "I know someone that can help us, trust me.", he said looking back at her with a reassuring smile, Aviana then nodded, "I always trust you Noah.", she said and smiles, "It hurts that I had to destroy that beautiful smile after you knew my true intentions to you.", Noah thought to himself as he goes back to his task, "It just feels weird to

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