Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 19: What He Is After For Me

Rehan walks back and forth on his office as he thinks of a plan, "I can't just attack him right there, I know he's just as strong as me.", he said to himself not even noticing an employee talking to him making them sigh and leaves the room to start the auction without his wordings.

on his lips, "I need to know what is he up to.", Rehan said before laughing like he won already, he then call one of his employee to bring a letter directing to Noah without anyone knowing, "Make sure this letter reach him without anyone knowing, if you fail me it's your end.", he said and

on the owner of the voice at her surprise he was right behind her their lips inches away, she immediately looks away making the other chuckles, "Why so scared? I'm just asking you.", he said and tuck her hair behind her ear, "You don't have to be scared of me, you are special to me.", Kenji said making Aviana look at him slowly, fear lies on her eyes as she stare on his yellowish dark eyes, "He is calm..", she thought to her self, "L-leave me alone..", she said stuttering as her dear take over her, "I just want to know you more, you are way too

for Kenji to hear her, "Ah, the specialty of having golden blood.", Kenji said as he place his lips on her ear to whisper,

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