Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 18: Friendship Over

After 3 days of Noah's stay in safari, he has finally return, Aviana was so excited as she greets him in the main door helping him put the fresh animal blood bags on the storage cabinet, after them putting it all, Aviana will hug the boy, Noah on the other hand were shock at the girl's gesture as he slowly hugs back, "I'm so glad you're back.", she said and the boy smiles as he slowly breaks the hug, "Let's stop hugging, they might get suspicious.", he said and they both giggles, "I am just glad you are back.", she said and smiles sweetly making the boy blush, "I uh also glad you are safe.", he said and returns the sweet smile.

After their greetings Noah immediately returns on his tasks in the mansion together with Aviana, but this time with Brea, "How can I help Aviana with Brea sticking with us.", Noah asks in his mind, while the two girls talks, "I see you two hugging, you sure just friends huh?", Brea whispers at Aviana making the girl blushes, "Y-yes.", Aviana answers making Brea giggles, "But you're so red.", Brea tease further making Aviana smiles and shook her head, "She seems comfortable to Brea, I'm scared she'll lose her guard.", Noah thought again to himself as he became nervous.

he sips on the wine mixed with animal blood, Kenji only chuckles at his reaction, "Well good job on staking both our parents.", Kenji said making the other boy roll his eyes, "Anyways, I'm suppose to pick her up.", Rehan said placing his wine glass on the table, "What do you mean?", Kenji asks with a smirk irritating the other, "You said when I finished my favor to you, you'll hand

Kenji said standing up as well as he walks over the window, "I like her.", Kenji started making Rehan widened his eyes, "I like the golden child, and she is mine now.", Kenji said before she looks back at Rehan, "What the actual hell Kenji?!", Rehan shouted as his anger beats him, "Ever since you introduce her to me when we were younger, I plan out to get her from you.", He said smirking as he saw Rehan approaching him and grabs his collar, "See how she talks? She is better in my care.", Kenji said making Rehan grips his collar, "I'm going to kill you Kenji!", he shouted as he slowly

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