Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 16: To Be His Queen

After Aviana's lies to Brea, she would run off to the garden to cool down her nervous heart, "How stupid lie Aviana, she'll know it soon since my parents aren't killed, they commit suicide.", she said to her self as she held her chest thinking how it is possible that Brea know about her lies and the truth, "Calm down Aviana.", she said to herself again as she proceed on her next task.

Brea would stick around her as she was accompanying Aviana on her tasks, she would ask basic things about her as she wanted to slow things down before she ask another big question, she is trying to get her trust again and to let Aviana feel comfortable with her again, she thinks it has effect to the girl as she would always see her smiling.

friends only?", Brea tease further, the other girl then nods

his boss's office, Kenji looking on outside the window as he would stare at the girl sweeping dead leaves in the garden, "You should get more information from her before Noah comes back, and he should be here the day after tomorrow.", Kenji stated as his eyes won't leave the girl outside, "I will boss.", Brea said and was about to leave the office, "Brea, if Noah is here, still do your mission, but be careful.", he said to the girl, "I will need your help with that boss.", Brea said facing back her boss again, "Please change his tasks-", she was cut off by Kenji suddenly appearing in front of her in a blink of an eye, "It's your mission, do it without my help, I help you this once by sending him away, It's all in you.", he said as his eyes shifting red as he was not pleased by the girl's statement, Brea

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