Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 15: Kenji's Past II

Kenji's mom headed to his room to talk to him, "Kenji my dear, can mom ask you something?", she ask and her son looks at her with no interest on what she has to say, "I just want to know where my joyful son goes?", she ask with a warm smile on her lips, Kenji stood up before he answers, "He is gone mom, I can't lead the world with that kind of personality.", he said before he looks at his mom with a terrifying look on his eyes, making her mom gasp and leave him alone in his room.

As she was out of his son's room she would sigh and feel nervous as she was about to do what she had plan to protect her husband, "Kenji, I hope your lust of being the leader of the world dies down after this.", she said before walking away to talk with her husband.

for, as his men will report that Rehan prepares to do it that night, he would rest assure as his plans is all going smoothly as he wanted, "I know you won't fail me my dear friend.", was what he said to himself as he sips the blood in his wine

father being stake by his friend and as he finish his staking, Rehan called Kenji, "It's done Kenji, now what?", was what the other line said, "I'll go to your auction tomorrow.", was all he said before hanging up the call, he left the place but after the place was abandon the shape and figure of his father appeared to be his mother, him not knowing that his mother shapeshift to his father's figure making his mother the one staked and his father was the one

his mother runs away out of fear, he believed the servant's lie as the servant was ordered to, tomorrow comes and he goes to the auction just like what he said to Rehan on the phone, he directly goes to

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