Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 14: Kenji's Past I

When Kenji was younger, he receives lots of love from his parents especially from his mom, he was a joyful kid, until his eyes were open to his father's business, the V organization, the one who start the lead of vampires to take over humans, he was so innocent to all of this turning his personality to his total opposite.

His mom does her best to keep the joyful kid he is, but the reality of him as a vampire, him thinking that they are evil, really does change him to a more serious version of himself, he is cold to everyone, but he do still knows how to laugh, his mother personally calls him crazy as she was scared on how will her child turn into as he grows up.

being a young child. When he met Rehan in the gathering, he for once had a

with a annoying face as he teases Rehan, when the other boy glares at him with annoyance scream, that is when he'll laugh on his friend, they keep hanging out in the auction with him watching his friend get rejecting every single time he'll try to talk to the girl, but what surprise him is when his friend said that he will also ignore the girl, at some point it eases his insides, he was more of glad than surprise, "I will get her from you one day.", was all he can think of, he can't lie to himself as he knows for sure

to see them staked in their coffin and to give consideration to Rehan, he soon leave too after giving little of his time to the

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