Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 13: First Lie

The next morning, Noah was ordered to be the one to get another set of fresh blood from safari, "They really want me away from Aviana, this is usually Brea's task, it haven't even a month since the last time she buy fresh bloods.", was what in Noah's head as he board the plane heading to safari, Aviana on the other hand was left with a letter from him saying, "You'll be fine Aviana, just do as we plan, -Noah.", Aviana closed her eyes as she step out of her room heading down to meet Brea who will accompany her with her tasks for the day.

As they were dusting out the bookshelf in the chimney living room, Brea begun to talk, "Aviana, sorry for asking this but, you seems very scared with the boss or even sir Rehan, are you like this to every vampires?", Brea said with a smirk on her face as she glance at Aviana who are busy cleaning the chimney, Aviana wipes her cheeks covered with dust before looking back at Brea who are now sending her sweet smile, "Ah, do you want to hear the whole story on how my fear on them starts?", Aviana asks making the other girl nod and sit down on the sofa making Aviana sat down besides her, the girl sighs as she faces the floor before starting to talk.

us and kept us in that basement of the auction,", Aviana pauses to sigh and face the girl besides her, "Also when they start making the grown ups make love in front of us young ones, don't you know

is that all? I mean all of us child there has witnessed that.", Brea said as she digs more deeply to what is Aviana thinking, "Ah, they kill my parents in front of me, sucking their blood till they turn pale.", Aviana said looking down again as her heart beats fast on the lie she have spits out, "I did saw a parents dying...", Aviana said to her self, "But isn't it-", Brea was cut off when

of your lies, I swear I'll be the one to kill you.", Brea said as her smile grew wide giving her a creepy look, she stands

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