Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 11: Rehan's Past II

Still back when Rehan is younger, where he first met Kenji in a well known vampires gathering, he was the first one to approach Kenji at the party, them being in the balcony as they introduce themselves to each other, "My name is Rehan, what's yours?", he said to the other boy and it would stare at the sky before answering him, "Kenji.", was all he said and Rehan nodded as he open another topic to talk about, "My dad is the owner of the rare blood auction, how about yours?", he ask again, the boy look at him for the first time before smirking, "Dad is the boss in V organization.", Kenji said making the young Rehan amazed at his status, "I heard about it from dad, and it sounds so amazing!", he said and smiles honestly making the other boy laugh.

Starting that night they became depended to each other, not long Rehan would talk about the girl of his interest with Kenji, he would sometimes go to auction since Rehan insist his visit, somtimes showing him how the girl ignore him, "She rejects you again.", Kenji said before containing his laugh, what surprise him is the serious expression of his friend, "I will ignore her too starting now.", Rehan said and leave Kenji there standing in the basement door, him smirking, "Don't worry I'll get her when the time comes.", he said as he follows Rehan to his room to hang out.

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