Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 9: To know everyone's Secret

Tomorrow comes with Rehan still looking an eye to the old man hoping to get any useful information from him, but he fails making him decide to beaat up the man and as Rehan fulfills his satisfaction on beating the man in front of him, he decided to call Kenji to inform him that he had his dad, "Kenji quick in my black room, I had your dad now!", Rehan said as he goes out of the room wiping his sweats, his eyebrows met as he didn't like the way the other line response, "What?! Kenji you really need to come here so we can talk, I am very concern on what runs in your mind right now.", he said but soon gritted his teeth as the other line laughs and hangs up.

"This bastard! What is wrong with you Kenji?!", he said before going back inside the black room, "You all make sure this shit stays here I am heading to Kenji's.", he said and his employees nodded, he head out to his car as he head to Kenji's mansion.

keeping it out of dust, their eyes met, and somehow Rehan's aggressiveness eases making his eyes flutter softly red, "Aviana..", he calls out as his head runs a scene for when they were younger,

Rehan sat across from him, "Kenji, I am seriously concern on what runs to your mind right now, you are acting more like crazy!", Rehan started and Kenji sips on his glass of animal blood, he puts it down before fixing his posture, "What is so crazy about me?", Kenji asks a smirk playing on his lips, "Are you for real Kenji?! You knew that your dad is alive, you are mad about it, why would you still wait for me to kill him if you can do it directly since I failed already!", Rehan

calm tone, "Rehan, you'll understand soon.", he said smirking

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