Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 8: Intentions

"Tell me, what is going on in you and your son's mind?!", Rehan shouted to the now bruised and tide man on the chair inside a black room, the man won't talk and so Rehan would ask his men to hit the man, "Your son is crazy asking me to do all this work when he can just stake you right off the bat.", Rehan said kneeling his one knee in front of him as he look the eyes of the bowed head man, "Aren't you the crazy one?.", the man said before raising his head to spit blood on Rehan's face, making Rehan smirk standing up to pull back the man's hair making him look up, "I am not crazy you bastard!", Rehan shouted before he hit the man several times.

Back with Aviana, as she was preparing to go to bed, a guy knocks on her room door, she would expect it to be Kenji as her room are just right beside, but to her surprise, it was Noah who visited her in the middle of the night.

the hug, "Noah my decision is final, you will only be with me when we do our task, but if no more than that.", she said as Brea's words rang to her head, "He wants himself to survives.", those words repeats

myself Aviana, I just don't want to lose a ally.", he said as he slowly head out of her room leaving Aviana alone, "I'm sorry Noah, I have to be safe.", she said to her self watching Noah walks away before she closes

all I need is to let me and Aviana survive.", he said before reaching his room, but before he close the door a voice calls for him, "Kill me you say? And what is so important on surviving with that golden child? Ah, so that when the Vampire's fall you can use her heredity to be powerful.", Brea said smirking as Noah looks back at her, "I won't say you are wrong with my real intentions though, but remember that I mean what I say, Brea.", he said slamming the door shut making a bang sound in the hallway, Brea could only laugh at what he said before heading back to

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