Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 7: Confusion

Way back before Rehan makes his call to Kenji, his men goes back to the abandoned house in the woods where they kill Kenji's father.

Instead of his flesh and still decomposing body laying on the floor, it was Kenji's mother who lays there, Rehan screams out of frustration as he was fooled by the old man, "Track him down, Kenji said he was seen in a casino, now!", he shouted and his men do as told he run out of the house and head to his car closing the door before calling Kenji informing him of his discovery.

Rehan drives as he was heading to the nearest casino from the woods, "If his men see his father on the casino why won't he get him, himself?!", he ask to no one in particular as he turn left as he nears the nearest casino, "What is going on in your mind Kenji?! Why must you make things complicated for me!", he asks once again, before pulling over and park his car, he got off his car and enters the casino with a VIP card.

I see you you'll end up like my dad, you bastard..", he said before bumping to two men in suit looking like a spy or an agent, "Sir, go with us and no one will be harmed.", one pf

his eyes grew dark red speeding behind the man's figure who is now

at his office as he was reading mails in his laptop, his lips suddenly smirks as he taps his fingers in the table, "Rehan must be wondering why I am making him do all this works.", he said to himself before turning his laptop off standing up as he

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