Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 6: Impostor

As Aviana runs out of Kenji's office she headed back to the lounge where she left Noah and her cleanings, she spots Noah about to go to his next task, "Noah..", she calls for him softly as she slowly approaches him, Noah looks back at her, "What's the matter?", he asks as it it visible in her face the fear inside her, she only shook her head as she grab her duster and starts her work again, "Aviana, if you have problem you can tell me.", he said as he held her hand softly making her nod, she retrieve her hand slowly before going back on her task, Noah could only watch her before going to his next, "What is your secrets Aviana?", he said while walking down the hall.

Brea appear beside Aviana startling the girl a bit, Brea giggles at her reaction as she helps Aviana dust the displays, "Pretty sure Noah told you about me?", she asks making Aviana nod her head without making any eye contact, "That's good, and you don't need to introduce your self since when we were kids, I know lots about you, Ms. Aviana the youngest heir.", she said smiling brightly and Aviana would only reply with a small smile.

still trust the girl speaking and smiling at her, "But I had to warn you about Noah, don't trust him too much, he might some spy.", she said in a whisper tone her eyes sending serious gazes, "What makes you think that way?", Aviana asks as she looks at Brea in her eyes for the first time, "Because I had been with him for long now, and

and look out for ourselves?", Aviana asks her tone shifting sadder, "That is what I thought, but it looks like you are the only one I can trust here, and you also only got me.", Brea said holding Aviana's hand tight, "Let us protect each other Aviana.", she said and the girl looks down on their hand slowly holding it back, "I will be careful around Noah.", Aviana said making Brea hugs her as she giggles, "Finally a

deck where you can see the lobby, he would smirk as he hears their conversation, "Well done my girl.", he said before going back to his office satisfied as his plans are all playing

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