Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 5: Secrets

Back to where Rehan and Kenji discuss about someone in the picture, they figured out how all of it happens, "I asks you a simple task and pays you millions, how is he seen by my underlings freely gambling?", Kenji asked making Rehan thinks deeply, "I did the same thing I did with my dad, and I am sure that he is done for!", Rehan reasoned out as he is still puzzled of what happen, Kenji would only sigh and stood up, "Well do your task once again and I'll bring you Aviana back when you finish this correctly.", Kenji said before flashing out of his office.

Rehan would smirk and his eyes staying in reddish back as his hormones grows wild and is hunger for Aviana, "I will make sure you will end up just like my dad.", he said smirking at the picture as he grips on it, he calls for his assistant, "Prepare to hunt down Kenji's dad, I need to know all information about him, asap.", he said and his assistant nods rushing to send the orders to other employees.

As Kenji arrives home to his mansion, he would arrive to Aviana and Noah cleaning the lobby, Aviana dusting the vases and Noah sweeping on the floor, "Aviana, come to my office.", Kenji said as he walks heading there, Aviana would nod to Noah before she follows Kenji.

as he whispers again, "I want to know more about you before I bring you back to your original owner.", Kenji said making Aviana pushes him to break his hug, she shook her head as she don't wish to be brought back to Rehan as she feels safe in her current surrounding especially when she was with Noah, "No..", she mumbles making Kenji smirks, "I can't hear.", he teases making her shut her eyes close before she shout, "Please don't bring me back there!", she shouted panting a bit as fear build up inside of her, "Good, you must talk more so you may change my mind.", He said before sitting on his office chair, "Go get me some fresh blood, I'm pretty sure

putting it in the blood bag to store it, "Excuse me, the boss is asking for fresh blood.", Aviana utters making Brea looks towards her nodding before she pour blood on a wine glass, pairing it with some bread topping it with

heading to the door, "Wait, you had to wait here till I finish eating.", he said making her sit on the office couch in front of Kenji's table, he sip on

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