Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 4: Trust

A week has past since the bidding of Aviana happens, Rehan somehow feels empty inside of him, he thought it was because he loses the last human carrying the golden blood, he decided to close the auction since then, and would rather stay in his office.

A Vampire employee of Rehan would knock on his office, "Sir you have a visitor.", said the employee as she waits for him to response, "Who was it?!", Rehan shouted in response as he slams his laptop close stopping writing his report, "A VIP with the name of Kenji, sir.", she said and Rehan's eyes will shift slowly from black to reddish black as his thirst grow in him, "Let him in!", he shouted and not long after Kenji appears before him.

I would not like to bring her back.", he said making Rehan step away from him and would flop seated on his office sofa, "So what brings you here?", he utters and Kenji sat across from him, "Mind explaining why you fail what I asks you to?", Kenji said showing him a picture which makes Rehan's eyes widens at the

looks at her as her smile turns into frown before she stops what she was doing, "I must trust him.", she thought to herself first before she sighs, "I have my reasons.", she speaks quietly making Noah drop his plant cutter, totally shock that Aviana did speak after a week of convincing her, "You talk!", he shouted making Aviana hold his wrist shushing him, "Keep this a secret, I only trust you.", she said and look around for

serve here.", Noah said and Aviana nodded, "But what is a dirty auction?", she asked and Noah pulled her down to seat on the grass as they continued working on shaping the plants, "Dirty auction is where normal blood line group belongs, I happen to be mixed up there that is why we didn't meet before, but luckily boss is able to pull me out

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