Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 3: Pretend

Morning comes in the man's mansion, Aviana's eyes flutter open as a male servant wakes her up, "Wake up now, the boss wants you first thing in his lounge.", the male servant said as he slowly backs away when he saw Aviana sitting up, "Come, I'll bring you to him.", he said and helps Aviana up, and they both walks in the long hallway.

"My name is Noah, I am a human servant, just like you so you may feel safe with me.", Noah said and Aviana glances at him and looks away, the boy could only smile at her gesture, "You seems shy, you are Aviana right? Youngest heir in the golden group?", Aviana flinches as he mentions her identity, "Of course he knows me.", she thought to herself, "I am from the B- group, 3rd to the rarest blood type line.", he said before chuckling to himself as it soon turns into a bitter smile, "And now look how we have fallen.", he stop on his tracks making the girl stop too and look at him confuse, "We are here, open this door and you shall see the boss, I will be off now.", he utters before he left Aviana with a smile.

Aviana then opens the door revealing a cozy lounge and the man seated on a luxury sofa sipping on his tea. The man looks at her direction as he mentions her to seat across from him.

name is Kenji, boss of V mafia organization, the only organization out there.", he said before looking directly on Aviana's eyes, his red eyes seems to be digging in her soul, and in a

"How stubborn.", Kenji utters before moving away from her and sitting back on his seat, "Well, you will be a maid in my mansion, you will only clean around, but when I call for you, make sure you show before me immediately and serve me.", he said and Aviana replies him with only a nod,

on him, "Speak.", he said and Aviana's eyes will flutter somewhere, Kenji move closer to her face leaving only an inch away, "I said speak.", he repeated and Aviana opens her mouth about to utter something when the door opens revealing a Vampire guard panting heavily, "Boss! Your father-", he was cut off by the strong glare of Kenji making

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