Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 2: Golden Group

Moving back in time, 16 years ago before the Vampires lead the humans, a family who are the most influential, wealthy, and with the most rarest blood type, a family who calls themselves the, "Golden Group", ever since the scientist found out that their bloods are different, has no protein and is called golden blood type or RH null.

Their family is composed of overall 40 individuals including the extended family members with this blood type, only 50% of their family number got it, and that includes, Aviana, the youngest heir of the golden blood type.

Starting when Vampires became the dominants, their family was the first one attacked, Rehan's father was the one who build up the auction for the rare bloods, and stuck them up in the basement, they were ordered to mate to keep the number of rare bloods growing. The basement does not only include Aviana's family, it also includes 3 more rare blood type groups, AB , B-, and AB- groups.

Aviana witnessed her family members being bid and sell out, she witnessed everything, even the most horrible thing. Rehan always take interest of her and will often tease her out but Aviana learned to just stay quiet making everyone thinks that she is mute, reason for Rehan to starts ignoring her and just see her as one of their products.

only washed once a week, and will only dressed with rubbish clothes. She witnessed how her family falls down, how humanity was now treated as a

her as the last one in the golden group, she assumes that her family are all dead, she

guards of the man who bought her, she was hanging her head down as she speaks to her mind, "What kind of Vampire is he? Like Rehan?", she asks her self through her mind as she stare at her hands with handcuffs, a man enters the limousine sitting across her, "To the mansion.", he ordered as he toss a key to one of the guards, "Release her hand and remove the choker, i don't want her to feel uncomfortable.", the man said and the guard

"Don't be scared, I'm not like them, I bid you out there for a reason, and we'll talk about it once we reach to the mansion.", the

but Aviana refused to correct him, "Don't trust

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