Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 1: Bidding

Vampires. One word that humans feared in to. Rare bloods stock up in a basement as if they are things or food to be eaten or used one day. An auction that as if sell vintage clothing and things, but is selling humans with rarest bloods in amount of billions, to be honest, rare blood types were known as lucky ones, because they are given the chance to live and serve while normal blood types were easily disposed. A girl with the name of Aviana is one of the humans with rare blood types. She is a 23 years old lady, stuck up in the auction basement for good 15 years, she was preserved by the auction owner waiting for her to be on the right age to be sell out in the biddings.

"Get her.", the sound alarm the humans inside the basement as one of the auction owner's men pointed towards Aviana, she flinches at the cold touch of a vampire guard, she was drag heading to the owner's office.

"Aviana, the last one in the golden blood type group.", the owner said licking his lips as he sniffs the most sweetest and rarest blood, Aviana could only stood there as she hung her head low, the owner headed to her lifting her chin to look up at him, "Not to mention, the most beautiful human I've seen,", the owner chuckles as he licks the girl's neck before whispering towards her ear, "I wanted to keep you so bad, but you are a dangerous type so I have to sell you out.", the owner said before moving away from her and sitting back on his office chair.

her up and dress her, then bring her up the backstage.", he ordered

into a serious gaze as he hold his chin with his palm as his elbow rests on

vampire will look at him shockingly as it was the first time he ever goes in the stage,

as he begun to speak towards the mic, "Pleasure evening to my loyal customers!", he said as the billionaire vampires would cheer, "As the other precious customers here don't know who I am, my name is Rehan the auction owner!", the vampires will

us begin the bidding!", as he said those words, the curtains behind him would open up, revealing Aviana in a maid dress, her wrist were chained by the handcuffs, as a choker lays on her neck almost choking her, the crowd goes wild as her sweet and rare blood's scent were spread in the room, "100 billion for this beauty!", a vampire would shout making Rehan laughs

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