Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 88 You Don't Need to Explain

Maxwell looked at Isadora at the bar. "How do you know him?"

"I don't know him. He came and told me that he knew me." Isadora pursed, "It happens from time to time. I've gotten used to it."

Maxwell nodded, with a thoughtful look in his eyes. Andreas, in Maxwell's mind, was a man of purpose. He could not possibly have approached Isadora simply because she was beautiful.

"I have always hated high society because I feel they are too hypocritical, with those formalities, superficial gentility and something like that. They are all wolves in sheep's clothing." Isadora ordered a cup of iced tea and took a sip.

"This kind of genteelism is disgusting, especially in this metropolis, a home to hypocritical men. That's why I came to Ocean City," Isadora said.

"Your family seems to be well off," Maxwell said.

Isadora gave Maxwell a puzzled look. "How do you know?"

"I knew it from the first time I saw you smoke lady cigarettes. Not ordinary people can afford it. And your clothes. Your clothing shows that you are a well-off lady." Maxwell said lightly.

Isadora was a bit stunned and displeased. "Is it so obvious that you can see it at first glance?"

Maxwell shook his head. "The average person can't tell..."

Maxwell didn't finish his words, but a man like Maxwell could easily see it.

"You are observant." Isadora smiled faintly. She would have been like a pure girl if she hadn't been in uniform.

But she was in good shape, and wore a smile that would evoke a man's desire.

Maxwell smiled meaningfully. What Maxwell didn't say was that if he couldn't understand such simple things, he could have been killed in Syria...

"Did that man say anything to you just now?" Maxwell asked.

Isadora shook her head. "What's wrong?"

"What I want to ask is, didn't you just say you booked a room?" Maxwell smiled evilly, "Where's it?"

"There's a hotel right across the street from the bar, and we can go there after the drink," Isadora said.

"All right," said Maxwell, feeling excited. He had been in Ocean City for half a year. When he was abroad, he got used to free and romantic life. But when he returned to China, he had never been in a relationship with a woman. He had almost forgotten what it felt like!

Today, he could finally have a wonderful night!

out of the bar

Mercedes, Andreas, sitting in

have my camera." One of his assistants hurried over to the black Mercedes and handed the camera through

and snapped, "You've got to get some pictures of them walking into the room,

had the camera in hand, stealthily approached

not let you stay in the Bole family so peacefully." Andreas lit up a Cuban cigar

Maxwell provoked him publicly outside the bathroom of the bar, then he

Greta the most?

Isadora walked into the hotel, Andreas's assistant sneakily

on the floppy carpet in the long hallway, Maxwell and Isadora followed the receptionist to

"Are you going to take a bath first or me? Maxwell sat down

leaned close to Maxwell. "How do you want me


is good if a group of people rushing in when we are

Maxwell frowned. Why there would be a

you think?" Isadora took a pack of cards

What did she

taking a bath?" Maxwell

of person?" Isadora glanced at Maxwell, smiled and said, "Just to get


totally shocked! He stared at Isadora and

'Shit! Was I fooled?!'

one day the famous

believe it, but he was, indeed,

he would laugh his head off, and it would be a stain and shame on

He was fooled?!

one would believe he would be fooled by a girl!? It must be a piece of

friends are almost there. Just a second," said Isadora, glancing

out of the room with a miserable look... How sad

not for him spending on playing cards at the base every day when he was abroad and became good at it, he would

would have thought that Isadora had tricked him into playing cards? Even Maxwell had

his phone rang. It was a text message from Isadora, telling him to have a safe

walked across to the bar, and as he teetered back on his bike toward Sandoval

away his camera,

In Andreas' mansion.

sat on a leather sofa and watched the photos of Maxwell

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