Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 87 First Come, First Serve

A few thugs turn their heads, and saw the wall crack like the cobweb. How terrible it was!

"Big brother!" The thugs went to help Yellow Hair down from the wall. When the Yellow Hair got down, he trembled and spat out a mouthful of blood!

"Shit!" Yellow Hair looked up at Maxwell, his eyes cold and fierce!

"Kill him!" snapped Yellow Hair.

"It... I'm afraid it's not the right time." said a man. A few thugs looked at each other. There were many people in the bar, they dared not to make trouble.

"What are you afraid of? I know the boss. If something happens, I will cover it for you!" said Yellow Hair.

"Let's go." Isadora felt they shouldn't stay here any longer. She didn't expect that Maxwell would act so decisively.

"It's fine." His broad and warm hand caught hold of Isadora's delicate hand. Isadora's heart leapt and she looked at Maxwell's calm face.

Isadora was fascinated by Maxwell's sharp eyes, which seemed to have a strange magic.

Isadora felt shy and her heart beat fast as her hand was held by Maxwell.

"Today, for the beauty's sake, I don't ask for your trouble. Please stay away immediately, or you will suffer!" Yellow Hair walked toward Maxwell with a sharp dagger in his hand!

Maxwell's eyes grew cold. "If you get the hell out of here now, I can leave this matter alone."

"Get out? You let us get of here?" Yellow Hair was stunned for a moment, then he looked at the other thugs and then laughed, "How bold are you!"

"Do you know who I am? You came here for the first time and asked me out? Even the boss here dares not let me get out!" Yellow Hair shouted loudly, and looked arrogant!

"I gave you a chance, but you still disturbed me and hit on my friends." Maxwell took a sip of the Bloody Mary. In his calm look, a deep murderous aura was brewing.

"Brother, don't waste time with him, just knock him down!" The gangster waved the dagger. The crowd looked stunned and backed when they saw it!

It was Yellow Hair who was angry!

In addition to the bar owner here, Yellow Hair was the one whom no one dared to offend!

Frequent guests knew that they could enjoy a good time here, as the bar environment was very good, the wine was very good, but there was a fly in the ointment because Yellow Hair was here!

There were many kinds of rumors. Some said that Yellow Hair used to kill people and Yellow Hair was often seen in the bar door to hook up with girls. No one knew how many young and beautiful girls had been tarnished by him.

No one dared to offend Yellow Hair. it was said that Yellow Hair's family background was powerful and he was in good relationship with the bar owner. Whenever he made trouble in the bar, the bar owner would turn a blind eye to it.

And now, some people sighed. There were very few women who could escape when she was taken fancy to by Yellow Hair.

Sympathetic glances fell on Isadora, as if Isadora's fate had been decided when she had attracted Yellow Hair.

stared at Maxwell.

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didn't know that you know Kungfu?" There was tenderness in Isadora's beautiful, clear

Do you want

I want to learn Kungfu, too." Isadora nodded,

learn, on the bed or off the bed?" Maxwell

at the skills in bed. You want to see it?"

Isadora's beautiful eyes for a long time. Suddenly, Maxwell reached out a hand and

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'Kungfu'?" Maxwell smiled. His tone became

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time of the day. Sometimes she is alone, and sometimes with friends," said a man

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Mr. Bole had told me about you at a private dinner a few days ago. I didn't expect to meet you here," Andreas smiled, "I wanted to meet Miss Bole when I was in Beijing, but I never had the chance. I

women. His politeness made

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