Unrivaled Dragon Lord

Chapter 84 Go Down on Your Knee

In the mansion, Greta and others were happily watching TV.

Maxwell, on the other hand, was peeling the fruit ingratiatingly, but Greta gave him a cold look. Maxwell didn't care about it.

Maybe the show on TV was funny, or maybe it was because Greta was in a good mood, a shallow smile appeared on her face from time to time.

Maxwell looked at her with fascination. The President was smiling! How rare it was!

No one had ever seen Maxwell's stupid look. Just a smile of Greta could make Maxwell so excited.

Any young person watching him like this would have wondered if it was really Maxwell.

The composed and calm invincible god of war turned into a son-in-law and acted carefully in front of Greta. What a joke it was!

Maxwell was peeling an apple. Greta hadn't talked to him all day.

When Greta flared up, Maxwell would be shivering and silent.

Before Maxwell returned to China, some international warlords once joked in a drunken meeting that the one who would make Maxwell tremble had probably not been born yet!

Now, Maxwell was, as Andreas said, like a servant and acted carefully in the face of Greta.

Suddenly, Greta stretched her waist and looked at Leila, who looked a bit weak. "Leila, how are you? Don't force yourself. Go upstairs and have a rest."

Leila, who looked pale, smiled a bit. "Ms. Greta," she said, "I'm fine. I'm here to watch TV and would get recovered for a while."


Greta nodded. Little did she know that there were several guards on guard outside the mansion who had fallen.

Maxwell was peeling the fruit when his knife gave a jerk and the thin apple peel snapped.

There was a sudden, deep chill in Maxwell's clear, calm eyes. He looked out of the window into the endless darkness, and his mouth twitched.

Maxwell put down the apple, looked at Greta, and said slowly, "Ms. Greta, I'm going to the bathroom and I'll be back in a minute."

Greta ignored him, leaving only a beautiful and charming back behind him.

Maxwell headed for the spiral staircase and quickly made his way to the second floor.


Outside the mansion, Shusaku wielded his sword which could barely be seen in the dark and deep night. He made quick moves to kill.

Shusaku's speed was so fast that he killed several bodyguards in a blink of an eye.

And when Shusaku went close to the mansion, suddenly, there was rustling in the lawn beside!

did not expect there would be arranged

and he could sneak into the

in a low voice and his long sword

fell, the blood splashed out and the man was

nervous. The bodyguard suddenly startled the bodyguards of the very corner of the mansion. They had come with a high voltage stick towards

swept over them, and

not accidentally discovered. There would be a bodyguard in the blind spot... That was to say, as long as he got close to the

Even Shusaku had never seen it. The one who figured

Shusaku's eyes were

wielded it to the bodyguards. The speed was so fast that no one could avoid

touch of crazy horror, and he emitted terrible fury

of a sudden, the place was like

were miserably howling, with Shusaku standing proudly among

"What's going on?"

outside, looked at Harriet and Leila doubtfully, "Did you hear

a moment, and

slightly, and she had a sense of foreboding that something went wrong, "No

the surveillance

her sandals to keep up with her, worried that Leila might

surveillance room, checked


the corpses scattered around the yard. Every bodyguard rushed

stabbed with a sword and blood splashed out.

out, and Greta was

face sank and looked

withstand it? "Harriet asked in a

won't last long..." Leila's eyes glistened with disbelief... She hardly saw anyone

realized that it was not safe to be with Greta.

and without hesitation turned her head to look at Greta and Harriet. "Mr. Harriet, Ms. Greta, go to the basement


face. Under

won't stand long..." Harriet

her head. "He's coming for me, so just let him come to me.

softly, with determination in her

"Something is wrong!"

Suddenly, Leila fixed her

a trace of confusion appeared

suddenly stopped

going on?" Greta

her head. Leila didn't say a word, her

the mid-air. He had an illusion that there was a shadow

How was that possible?

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