Andrew turned back soon after they left.

Andrew looked at the empty warehouse, his eyes deep and serene.

He did feel fury and almost lost all his ration. But he soon calmed down and returned.

Sophia was his stain, the proof that he was fooled. He had a deep sense of shame. Fortunately, Sophia was dead, and Daisy was the only one who knew his secret.

This woman must be laughing at him scrupulously! Then she should bring this secret to hell!

The warehouse had been empty. Traces told him that someone broke the lock.

She escaped quickly enough. Hopefully, she'd better not dream to hide forever.

Andrew sneered and slowly returned to the car.


It was already midnight when they reached City J.

Jane did not return to the Duncan's. She called Lainey to that everything was OK.

"Let's settle in my house for now."

It was raining and a little cold.

They barely ate, so everyone was hungry.

There were enough food and ingredients, so they decided to have dinner first, and dealt with all the troubles later.

Daisy and Jane fell asleep soon after dinner.

They slept soundly, so Pearl decided not to wake them up.

The next morning, Robert received calls from the hospital and the police.

"Robert, what's wrong?" Elyse asked worriedly.

Her brother's expression was serious.

The worst had happened. They could not take any more.

"The police called the hospital. They want Daisy."

After Robert finished speaking, everyone thought that he had misheard.