Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart

Chapter 217 Take You to The Hell

The Carts must send someone to give the Floyds an explanation.

Mrs. Carts did not want to let Daisy be a scapegoat, but compared to herself, she could only let her daughter go.

After thinking for a few minutes, Mrs. Cart agreed to hand Daisy over.

"I came here to in a low profile. I didn't bring any bodyguards. Where should I leave her?"

Sophia did not expect that the matter would be so simple!

"Just in the trunk."

Mrs. Cart looked at Sophia's car. She was afraid that there would be a trouble if she left Daisy in the backseat. In comparison, the trunk was more secure.

She warned herself that she did not mean to treat her daughter like this. She had no choice.

We can't offend the Floyds no matter in what condition. Just like how we offended Harrison before, we can't supply the drugs she took. That feeling...

Mrs. Cart shivered and asked the bodyguards to be quick and throw Daisy into the trunk.

It took only half an hour to drive to the Carts and then leave from the Carts.

"The heavens are helping me!"

Sophia giggled, feeling exceptionally carefree.

"Daisy, you didn't expect that you would have such a day, right?"

Sophia chose the route close to the suburbs of the city and headed to the remote area.

Her life was ruined, and Daisy could not have a good life either. "Daisy, do you think you will be completely innocent as you leaked the video?"

Then all the things she did before to frame her, did they not count?

Heavens, why is it so unfair?


Daisy's mouth was wrapped in tape. She moved, but her hands and feet were tied by ropes. She struggled these days, and the rope rubbed her skin, which had already been scratched.

In her last life, Sophia was the one who won at last, and after her rebirth, she changed it in time. Many things became different.

Daisy sent Jane a copy of the video before she was captured by the Carts.