Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart

Chapter 210 Hate Two of Them

"Don't say that, no matter if you are friends or brothers, you will gather together. If you are dislike each other, you will break with each other."

What did he mean by not going back to the past? It sounded too ambiguous.

As Mrs. Duncan, Jane expressed that she hated the words he said.

Andrew, "..."

A simple sentence could be disliked, which angered Andrew that he almost forgot his words.

"This time, it was the Floyds who were unkind. I won't tell you the specific reason."

Andrew admitted that the Floyds had the suspicion of hitting someone who was down.

Jane raised her eyebrows. She thought it wasn't suspicion. Rather, it was that the Floyds had hit someone when someone was down. They had done something, yet they had not admitted. They had to insist their self-esteem and made excuses for themselves. It seemed that they had no choice but to do these.

Andrew was furious, he found that he couldn't beat Jane, and Jane hit the nail on the head and said the essence.

"The Floyds have nothing to do with the kidnap, the assassination at the charity banquet, and the mysterious vehicle tailing you."

Andrew could guarantee with his dignity that it was definitely not the Floyds behind the scenes.

Grandpa only targeted the Duncans in business and did not do anything illegal.

Jane pursed her lips. He used his dignity to guarantee something was a kidding. The man who would go back on his words, became dizzy with woman and only trusted his intuition. Would he have a personality?

However, today was the wedding day, and there were many people, so Jane didn't want to cause trouble.

Jane had just come out of dressing room when she bumped into Randy.

Randy wore a Chinese suit with auspicious cloud patterns. He didn't look old at all. Conversely, he actually looked a bit more fashionable.

"You are in here."

Randy's eyes full of affection as he took the initiative to say hello to Jane.

"I still have to thank you for the naming right of the competition for Great Dancers."

No matter what Randy had done to help her, Jane sincerely thanked him. But because men and women should have distance, and the female lead had stupid behavior, Jane couldn't get too close to him.