There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband (Julian and Amelia)

There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband (Julian and Amelia)

Authors:Emily Jenkins
Num Chapters:1095
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Chapter 1095 Feel His Daughter

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Selina used to get sentimental and burst into tears when she was chatting over tea with Abigail. At first, it scared Abigail because she wondered if something unhappy had happened.

However, it turned out to be tears of joy. Selina spoke highly of Arthur and said he was really a perfect husband and father. Jean got so lucky to meet him.

Selina complained in tears that Harold hadn't changed a diaper for their daughter when she gave birth to Jean, not to mention looking after her or caring about her. What made things worse was that she still had to cook meals for him and took care of him, the so-called master of the family.

The worst was that he complained he couldn't sleep well because the baby cried at night, so he moved out of the master room to keep away from them.

Selina was furious whenever she mentioned it. She also said it had made her compare and despair. She felt Harold was even more terrible and hateful when she compared him with Arthur, and she just didn't want to see his face again.

Abigail heard it and sighed lightly. A majority of men were careless, and a few of them were as selfish as Harold. But she thought Arthur had done a great job and she was so proud of him.

"It's not easy for him to marry a good girl like Jean. Of course, he loves her and cares about her with his heart and soul," Abigail told Selina like that and praised Jean by the way.

Indeed, Abigail meant what she said. She couldn't be happier with Jean and she liked Jean more and more over time.

Jean was thoughtful and filial. She decided to deliver the baby in Riverside City only because she wanted to make it more convenient for them to see the baby more often. Abigail was touched.

What was more, she was pretty and had a good temper. She couldn't help thinking that his boring son, Arthur, who didn't have a gift of gab, must have been favored by God to have married Jean.

Lots of women hated their daughters-in-law, and especially they couldn't bear to see their sons demean themselves humbly in front of their wives. But to Abigail, she believed she could only stay untroubled and enjoy life comfortably when the young couple loved and cared about each other.

How nice it was! She couldn't understand why so many mothers-in-law asked for trouble and kept finding faults with their daughters-in-law.

Some mothers-in-law even started and provoked fights between the sons and their wives and urged them to get divorced, which Abigail found hard to believe.

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