The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 66 - Reflection of the witch

Neil jumped down the giant silver reptile and landed softly on the grass of the floating piece of earth. His eyes scanned the view, a vast flat green land below the floating islands, a giant river flowing below, the only seeming watering hole in the area for the creatures who inhabited in this part of the lands, giant crystals spawned out from the ground in all colours, sizes, and shapes and in front of him was floating island staircase leading up to a temple like cottage made from marble as its walls and gold

"For a witch she's rather fancy" Lykos commented his expression the same monotone face, yet his eyes held the reflection of a disgusted man who despises everything around him.

"She is one of the eldest sisters of the five, with beauty that outshines the goddess of beauty herself." Neil took a swallow of salvia to clear his tight throat.

"Tch, how annoying" Lykos murmured to himself as he jumped down from his red Regius dragon.

"Men lose themselves when they lay their eyes on her, be careful and don't fall for her charms" Neil warned him before walking towards a rickety wooden bridge that connected to the floating island.

Lykos arched an eyebrow as he crossed his hands, staring at Neil in disbelief. "I'm not weak hearted Neil. I don't fall for looks" he grumbled as his brow twitched, and he scowled clearly insulted by the prince of Ventus' words.

"A lot of men had said the same exact words before falling deep into her charms" Neil placed a hand on the pole and tapping his foot on the plank of wood to assure that it was safe to walk on.

Lykos pulled a face as he watched the crown prince of Ventus verifying the bridge for safety with his feet. "What is wrong with riding our dragons up there?"

Lykos didn't like the look of the bridge that didn't look sturdy enough for two grown men to be walking on. 'A luxurious cottage yet she can't afford to buy or make new bridges.'

"Daenerys and Cyrus wouldn't be able to fly up there with the witches magic circling around the islands" Neil explained as he took a step on the plank and waited for anything to happen. He watched as the dust particles fell down and he knew one wrong step and he would be those dust particles.

"I see you used your books to identify your way around"

"Are you coming or are you going to stand there and wait for me?" Neil called out, stepping one each plank carefully.

A long sigh escaped his lips as he trailed his fingers through his blazing red hair. "Why do I bother following you around to situations I don't want to get myself involved in?"

The two princes made their way up to the cottage like temple that resided on the biggest floating piece of earth. It wasn't long when they reached it and stood there, glaring at the place they wished to be miles away from.

The place where the witch who would be their end, lived.

"If I die, I'm going to kill you" Lykos scowled. "I wonder how you're going to do that when your already dead yourself?" he said sarcastically with a straight face already approaching the door. Lykos brows furrowed, his red flaming eyes following behind the silver haired prince that seemed to calm to his liking. With a click of his tongue, Lykos followed behind each step he took was a step closer to death.

Lykos and Neil stood face to face in front of a wooden door that had carvings of dragons and swirls on it with a touch of polish to bring out the door itself. With a cross of his hands Lykos spoke "Well then, what are you waiting for knock" he said with a mocking tone.

"Tch, throwing me in as the sacrifice"

"Stated the one who said he would sacrifice his life to save his brother" Neil shot a threatening side glance to the unfazed Drakon prince, who stood beside him with a poker face.

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