The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 60 - The witch of Viridis

I choked on my milk, feeling the warm liquid block my airway. I slammed my fist on my chest resulting in me coughing.

After a while of coughing and choking, I was able to breath again. 'That took me by surprise'.

Bringing my attention back on the witch, she was staring at me suspiciously. Her owl-like eyes looking straight through me, I tried to avoid the eye contact, but my eyes found it's way back to her.

"What are you trying to say that he was destined to die?" I asked the witch resting my chin on the back of my hand, pretending I had no clue of this because in reality he was destined to die but because of my sudden appearance in this novel world he isn't.

The witch still hadn't avoided eye contact as she took her last bite of the porridge. She staggered up from her seat and picked up her plate and cup, ignoring my question. I watched her waddle her way to the front of the room and put her dishes in a wooden tub.

"There are some witches in the world that are able to foresee the future while others can see people's destiny" The witch spoke in a soft tone then before as if she was intrigued in her own speech.

"And you can foresee someone's fated destiny?" I rose an eyebrow in disbelief as I took the last of the now cool milk.

"I'm witch of course I can" she smiled revealing her crooked yellow stained teeth to me.

"So, what changed the prince's destiny?" I asked even if I knew the answer to it, but I can't let people know I know what's going to happen in the future or was going to happen.

The witch eyed me suspiciously again. "Why are ya so suddenly interested in this matter?".

"Because I'm going to diagnose him" I grabbed my wooden and cup and made way to the wooden tub. The witch cackled a creaky laugh.

"Ya – HAHAH" she pointed her long bony finger at me. "Heal the prince – HAHAHA."

"WHAT IS THIS UGLY OLD HAG LAUGHING AT?" I heard Homura yell from the other side of the room. "Artemis don't listen to her; she's being oblivious to your skills. She just needs a good bite on the leg" he bared his teeth ready to attack her.

I wanted to scoop Homura up and hug him for appreciation but then he would attack me and take back what he said about me.

"Ya woman, Artemis. They won't let a woman near their prince" she said calming down. I tripped on my own stupidity. I had forgotten that women had no rights in the ancient world especially in fantasy worlds.

Woman don't have to right to become or do anything except to become a seamstress or maid at a wealthy household. They aren't allowed to have equal education like the men and only given little such as reading and basic maths, but they can't go any further into academics before they are married off.

Noble women however get to learn more such as art, poetry, language and etc but they are all taught so they can impress the guy and get a decent husband. Mostly everything they learn is to impress a guy, marry them, have kids, and look after the household while their husbands is at work with no freedom of right-handed to them. Women are downright nothing in the eyes of this ancient society and only seen as baby making machines so they can continue the lineage of the husband.

That's just bullshit men belief that needs to be knocked out of their heads by someone. I volunteer to do it if no one is willing to do it.

'Does that mean I have to dress up as a guy to diagnose the prince? That's going to be a pain in the ***'

"Who said I'm going as a woman?" I placed my hands on my hip and grinned. The witch stopped laughing and just stared at me as if I was the dumbest person in the world.

"I have never met such a foolish young lass before"

"Excuse me?" Homura and I said in sync.

"Once ya go in the palace ya will be forced to strip clean so they can do a body search for any weapons on ya." She explained wagging her finger at me like a mother lecturing her daughter. "Those bastards have high security in the palace" the witch mumbled staggering her way to the main door of the old creaky cottage.

'When was that a thing in the ancient world? And how come I never knew about this'

"Is there some sort of potion to change my gender?"

The witch looked at me with a sneer. "No such thing as gender changing potion" she aggressively opened the door and a gust of warm air burst in bringing in the fresh air in the place and shining in more light in the dim room.

She stepped outside and disappeared from my view. "I hope she never comes backs" Homura mumbled. "And what was that all about ignoring me" he looked and sounded offended.