The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 57 - Black dragon

"You haven't stopped smiling since we flew off" Homura grumbled in annoyance. Artemis looked down at the annoyed fox in her arms. She realised how he is always annoyed with her for some reason.

"Why are you always criticising me?" Artemis poked his black snuffle scent, the slit pupil of the fox crossed to see her finger on his black snuffle on top of his snout. "You always have something negative to say for everything I do never complimenting anything positive." She repeatedly poked it.

He growled instantly snapping his jaw, reacting swiftly Artemis lifted her finger away from his jaw filled with rows of small yet sharp teeth.

"And you got something with trying to bite my fingers off" She added, poking his cheek making him even more annoyed. "Has anyone told how annoying you get?" Homura spouted, his amber eyes glaring at her.

This time She poked his soft orange cheek. "No"

"STOP POKING ME" he screamed. "But your reaction is funny though when I do" She chuckled still poking his cheek. "Stop" he snapped, trying to bite Artemis finger again. "You bite me, and I will bite you back"

"I dare you to try~" Homura narrowed his eyes at her icy blue orbs, those slick down pupils glaring daggers at her waiting for Artemis to attack so he can attack back. 'How many times have I told you to never dare an assassin' an evil smirk appeared on her face making Homura weary at the sudden change of temperature around her. "Oi, human whatever is-"

"Nom~" She bit his black snuffle gently and he shrieked letting out a wail. "YOU VILE HUMAN!" he yelled then to bite the top of her nose in return. Artemis yelped in pain, grabbing a hold of her nose as it throbbed in pain. The feeling of those sharp yet small teeth digging in the soft tissue of her skin stung.

Homura cackled softly. "YOU STUPID FOX!"

The two continued to argue unknowingly realising that the giant reptile they rode on was losing each patience and brain cell at every barking and screaming that echoed in his ears.

Now he knew how his dear mother felt when he would argue and bicker with his siblings about the dumbest things.

"SILENCE!" a deafening growl came from Demarcus startling the two from their fight.

"If I hear another word from any of you. I'm going to drop both you down to your graves" he hissed moving his head to the side to get a better look at the frozen fox and human on his back.

"This human started" Homura accused Artemis as he hit her chin with his uninjured paw. "You scrawny fox, who are pointing at?" Artemis scolded, slamming her fist on Homura's head.


"Hehe-OUCH!" Akame hissed in pain, shaking her hand that Homura bit. "Who's laughing now?" Homura jeered with a smirk. "You filthy dog!"



Homura and Artemis had ignored Demarcus' warning and continued on arguing with each other. They acted like newborn hatchlings sparring with their younger or older siblings, this made Demarcus lose all patience with them. Without any warning to the two bickering brats on his scaly back, Demarcus had twirled his body 360˚ in the air sending Homura and Artemis to fall down to their deaths.

"AHHHHHH~" the screams of terror of the two were music to his ears.



"DEMARCUS! – YOU FUCKING LIZARD!" Artemis and Homura shouted at the same time.

The rest of the fly was silent, no one uttered a single word after what Demarcus did earlier to Homura and Artemis.

Artemis glanced down at Homura and sweat dropped, the snobby fox was still glaring at her with his amber eyes that was filled with rage and anger. "Could you stop staring at me like that, please. It's getting a little uncomfortable"