The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Season 2 - Chapter 54 - Fiery Insult

The wood burnt with a hiss and the sizzling of the firewood that was placed to create the warmth for night, light up the area while roasting the spiked fish.

"How many times are you going to swing that iron stick?" Homura questioned as he watched Artemis swing forward her Katana repeatedly. "Until my arms feel like falling off" she answered with a breath of exhaustion.

"What is the point of doing in the first place if you know how to beat the metal humans?"

"Because Homura" she coughed "This body is not physically fit to fight" she explained.

Homura stared blankly at her, watching her keep slicing forward with her katana nonstop.

Artemis was dead beat tired, her throat felt raw to the feel, and her breath was quick and short. Her arms ached for her to stop but she kept on going.

That's when she couldn't take it anymore and collapsed from exhaustions. "Stupid body" she flared quietly. Artemis fell back, feeling the cool grass beneath her as she breathed heavily.

Artemis lay on the grass floor, her hands and legs spread apart while her she watched the stars above her. The night sky was beautiful and reflected through her icy blue eyes as if it was a mirror itself.

Such a stunning night but painful to look at it as it brought a painful memory she dreads to forget.

The last memory of him.

'The stars are very beautiful tonight' her red eyes gazed upon the magnificent sky of Tokyo; a wide-open smile crossed her face with her jet-black hair flowing within the cold breeze of the night.

Itami smiled and followed her gaze while he stood beside her with his hands in his pockets. Both of them staring silently into the night sky filled with the glittering specks of white while they listened to the sounds of cars driving below them, the people bustling about on a Friday night.

It was another successful mission for the both of them.

'Itami' he turned his head to look at Artemis who stared back with a smile, her glittering ruby eyes fluttered his heart whenever he looked through them. He never understood why people hated her eyes so much, it was the most unique and stunning eyes he has ever laid eyes on.

'Do you think we will survive this world to live and to be happy?' she reached her hand as if there was something in front of her to grab.

'I want to live, I want to be free, I want to be happy' she turned around and faced him 'I want to be with you forever'

Artemis suddenly opened her eyes when she felt a warm blow of breeze blew down on her. Blue eyes met with emerald snake like eyes staring down at her blankly, his nose an inch away from her face.

Demarcus golden scales glowed and was clear to see. Artemis stared baffled at why she could see him clearly in the night.

"You were sleeping soundly last night that I did not have the heart to wake you up" his voice was soothing to the ears as he spoke gently to her.

Artemis rose up and ruffled her silver hair, so all the dirt and twigs that tangled itself would fall out. 'Did I train Diana's body harshly last night?'

She stood up dusting of her kimono before giving a pat on Demarcus' nose for no reason.

"You fell asleep last night without eating your 'cooked' fish, so I made sure no stupid bird ate them while you slept" Homura groused as he itched behind his ear. Artemis was baffled from his kind gesture, not something Homura would do for her.

"Uhh thanks" she said awkwardly not knowing what to feel for his sudden consideration.

Artemis ate one of the roasted fish quickly so she wouldn't waste any time and then wrapped the other in cloth and tucking it away in her backpack.

"Now I have to figure a way to dispose of my presence here" she mumbled eyeing the put-out campfire. The wood and sticks were already turned and the embers slowly fading away.

'I can't keep making fake graves it will just seem suspicious and out of place'

"Artemis" she turned around at the mention of her name from Demarcus. "Yes" she crossed her hands and waited for him to speak.

"It doesn't matter if the ground beneath the campfire is burnt. The fairies will restore its vegetation" he spoke gently. Artemis' stared at him speechless, she didn't know what to say as her mind was completely blown off.

'Who am I? where am I?'