The Villainess Wants To Go Home

End of Season 1 - Chapter 53 - The Quest to Ventus

"The fly to Ventus, how long do you think it would take to get there?" I asked Demarcus.

"I'm not sure. I have never flew to Ventus before" I slunk my shoulders, disappointed by the answer he gave me.

I looked down at the unconscious Homura in my hands. His orange fur glowed gold from the rays of sun that shone upon him. I laid my eyes on his injured paw, the brown cloth was now darker then before.

'I need to check his injury'

I placed him down with my left hand still around him, so he doesn't slide down. Shoving my hand into the pouch attached to my waist and rummaged my hand around trying to feel the bandages.

I took the rolled up small band and held in my palm as I untied the brown scrap of material tied around Homura's injured.


"Yes Artemis" he said. "Do you mind burning this for me please" I showed him the blood-stained material in between my fingers. He turned his head towards me and blew out a small flame out his mouth and at me, burning the material in crisps.

Can't throw it away just in case the spades find it on the forest floor and indicate that I'm traveling north to Ventus which then I will have my troubles over there instead of leaving it behind in Aureum.

I need to be absolute careful in my journey and hide my tracks and any evidence I was there in the beginning or things could get messy if they track me down because of something I left behind or forget to dispose of.

Examining his injured leg, the blood had stopped and the yarrow that smeared on his wound has became brown.

I took a round leather bottle from my waist and drizzled a little to clean the yarrow off. I patted down a clean cloth to soak in the water so it wouldn't grow any bacteria and get infected and spread through his little fox body.

I then wrapped his wound with the bandage and tied a little knot but not too tight, enough to keep in place.

I glanced at the unconscious fox in my arms. His small warm body rising up and down from every breath he took, the beautiful orange fur that reflected gold and the patch of white on his stomach. His little black paws in the air and his head slumped back with his tongue sticking out.

I couldn't help but smile at the snobby but adorable creature in my arms. I ruffled his head just in case I never get to when he leaves and goes back to the forest where he belongs, away from the dangers I will get him to if he stays any longer with me.

Since I patched Homura up, now it's time to check my location on the map I copied from the original map in the Glacies library before I left.

I realised I left my journal in bag that's strapped behind me, and I can't get it because of Homura hogging my other hand.

Looking around myself making sure that Homura won't slide down if I move my hand, but he won't be due to my leg blocking it.

I placed him in the middle of myself, my thighs acting like a cage to prevent him from sliding down Demarcus back. I moved my hand out from the strap of the bag then did the same with the other strap before placing the bag in front of me.

I unbuckled it open and rummaged through, looking for the leather covered journal, the old librarian gave me to use.

Once I found the journal, I buckled the bag again and put it over my shoulder. Turning the leather cover over, and the first thing I see is 'Diana's guide to Alphyria' and at the bottom of the page is written 'If found please return to Diana Glacies and no snooping around you little shits' with my horrible handwriting that looked like I wrote with my feet. I can't blame myself, my handwriting turned shit when I was studying as a doctor.

I turned the page over and glanced at the map I drew on both the pages. I held my chin, examining the world of Alphyria on paper. 'We were in the dragon market on the east side of Argentum' I placed my finger on the drawings of the town with the label Argentum written above it.

'So where are we heading towards to now?'

"Demarcus where are we now?" I called out hoping the wind didn't carry my voice away. Demarcus hummed and then went silent.

'Did he here me or was I to quiet for him to hear?'

I was close to call him again when he answered. "By the looks of the trees, we are in the forest of Viridis"

"Thank you" looking down, I searched for Viridis near Argentum and found it. The forest was above the dragon market, west of Ventus. So, we are going the right way the whole time.