The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 51 - Revenge or Regret

Strolling through the forest with a kunai in my left hand, I searched the forest for any deer that caught my eyes while feeling the earth beneath me. I felt no presence expect for rodents scurrying around the bushes and bunny rabbits leaving their hollows.

A sigh of irritation escaped my mouth while I shuffled my tangled silver hair. "I wish there was a grocery somewhere. Would have been easy to get some meat and other supplies."

"Wait grocery don't have deer meat only the typical meat" I crossed my hands in deep thought.

Suddenly the discussion between me and Demarcus from last night came flooding back in.

~ "I felt something in my chest" I started to explain. "Like a spark"

There was silence coming from Demarcus, the sound of beating wind and his soft breathing took the silence between us.

I couldn't tell what was going through his mind at that moment when he finally spoke. "There are many mysterious wonders occurring in this world, Artemis" he stated. "And your one of them"

Homura narrowed his eyes at me, eyeing me suspiciously. "I don't see anything mysterious about her. I think you must be mistaken" he said.

Demarcus looked back and stared deeply into the now terrified eyes of Homura "You foxes are very arrogant and annoying. Do you ever stop criticising others and look at yourselves for once?" Demarcus shot back with a hiss of his tongue.

Homura gulped. "I-I th-think I'm just g-going to go to s-sleep" he looked away quickly curling into a ball.

"Please do" I whispered and Homura glared at me but quickly flinched when Demarcus growled.

"As I was saying before I was interrupted by a certain fox." There was a long pause again. He was staring into the darkness in front of us, a peaceful aura surrounding him. I followed his eyes and stared into the darkness myself, admiring the stars and the quite forest beneath us with the wind blowing my hair away from my face and cooling my cheeks.

"Artemis, I believe you hold something powerful within you" he spoke finally after a while. "I don't know how you came to possess the Aagondarha tongue from the human king a thousand years ago but this power is very destructive if used for evil" he voice turned dark at the mention of the king.

"It seems to me that your power overshadows the Aagondarha tongue that the dragon prince possess. Yours is exactly like his, a thousand years ago"

I clutched the material on my chest. "Like his" I mumbled.

"The power he used to force the dragons to fight in the war between the orcs and the beings of Alphyria"

I was caught off guard for a second. 'Did he say forced? Didn't he plead with the dragons and gave half his kingdom to them?' I was confused.

"Umm excuse me Demarcus but forced the dragons to participate in the war. I was told he begged them too and the dragons only agreed if he surrendered half his kingdom" I corrected.

Demarcus huffed in anger, smoke escaping both his mouth and nose. "That pathetic human king used the power he awakened after the appearance of the orcs to make the black and white dragon obey his command and because of that the dragons feared him!"

I was startled by his sudden raise of tone filled with hatred. 'Ok this is getting a little weird. The author clearly wrote in the novel that he begged them.... Or could I have missed something in the book' I pinched my chin in thought. "How do you know of this knowledge? You weren't there when it happened" I asked him with an arch eyebrow.

He let out a gruff blow of breath. "We dragons pass down knowledge of the past without corrupting the past truth unlike humans"~

'Could the author have written some kind of hint I missed while reading or was the author trying to hide something?' I closed my eyes and titled my head, pinching my chin while I thought.

I couldn't come up with anything in the end "my mind has decided to not corporate with me right now when I need it to" I shuffled my silver hair in annoyance.

Crossing my hands against my chest and let out a sigh. I lifted my head up at the clear sky without a cloud to bee seen in sight. I listened to the sound of the tree leaves against the wind, the sound of chirping of birds singing happily to each other, the bustling of rabbit thumps and the buzzing bees near me.

'I wonder what big brother is up to?'