The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 45 - Orga Dragon

"One...ignis...dragon...please" I was out breath and my legs wanted to give up on me.

I had to run my way here because I had thought it would be closing scratch the fact that I got lost a couple of times because I had no idea where I was going and only listened to the roars of the dragons for directions even though I did ask a few people for the way I still wasn't able to find it due to their horrible explanation.

The man no older than 25, observed me with an eyebrow raised debating whether I was worth to ride one of his fabulous dragons or not. The light of the fire that burned the wooden torch behind him reflected his dark green hair and glimmering blue eyes that was showed nothing but gloomy and dull.

"Name please" he said rudely under that husky tone of his. I took another inhale of breath feeling how my cheeks were hot from the heat.

"ROOOOAAAARRRR!" the angry growls of the dragons were so loud and piercing that it made the ground rumble beneath me, scaring the shit out of me nearly making me jump out my skin. The low groans of dragons were loud to the ears, I could hear them scratching and clawing their sharp claws against the chains, their heavy wings flapping as it could create a hurricane inside.

Standing firmly again I answered him. "Artemis, Artemis Ray". Looking at the man he didn't flinch a second by the sounds of the dragons coming from behind the wooden wall as if he was used to these dragons' uproar and been doing this job his whole life.

He eyes looked up and his mouth twitched a little. "Follow me" he placed the quill back into the ink and walked towards the tall wall not far from where stood.

I turned my head to look through the iron yett and saw a jet of fire blast inside. All inside the barrier of the wall tops the air with similar bursts of colour, lighting up the dark sky.

I felt adrenaline run through my bones, the excitement drilled deep inside my racing heart eager to walk through the gate and witness their fiery beauty with my own eyes.

We walked towards a huge wooden wall, circling around the perimeter. It was made entirely out of oak wood and reached an estimate of 17 metres high and iron yett was bolted in the middle.

It's sad Homura is still unconscious, or it would have been funny watching him squeal at the sight of the dragons.

The man pulled down a lever near the yett, hearing how it squeaked when pulled down. The ground beneath to shake as the iron bars of the yett started to rise up revealing the spikes at the bottom of the gate.

The man walked through the gates nonchalantly, regarding the dragon hisses and the growls. I followed behind, containing my excitement.

One step into the stables, my eyes lit up in astonishment. All around me was dragons.