The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 32 - Blacksmith

The man stopped what he was doing and looked at me with hawk like eyes causing Homura to shriek at the sight of his piercing eyes.

"Please tell me we aren't going in there" he swallowed in fear.

"Hello sir" I rose my hand as a greeting, in response he spat aggressively at the floor. "bleh" Homura stuck his tongue out in disgust.

He shoved his dirt stained in his pocket and took out a handkerchief and started to wipe his sweaty forehead as he approached me.

"What business does a lady in cloak have with a blacksmith?" he rose an eyebrow in curiosity and crossed his hands still a little irritated for getting interrupted.

"Can we please leave" Homura shivered, his eyes darting to the blades in display, the hundreds of bows stacked on top of each other in the corner.

The blacksmith lowered his back, inspecting the trembling fox in my hands as he stroked the little facial hair he possessed.

"A fox hey" he said. "that's odd"

"ODD! WHO ARE YOU CALLING ODD? YOU OLD, DIRTY AND STINKY HUMAN" Homura growled at him in anger, offended by the blacksmiths words but in his ears Homura sounded like a normal fox howling at him.

A low chuckle escaped his mouth. "a feisty little one".

I laughed awkwardly. "hmmm" he walked off back to a table in the far corner filled with his tools.

I followed in. "Hey, HEY DON'T GO IN" Homura yapped still trembling, it didn't look like Homura was fond of weapons.

"I've seen many types of weapons to elvish blades to regular swords" he continued "And I have forged many weapons throughout my life I've been a blacksmith." He was rummaging through the desk searching for something. I wonder what it was.

"To axes, swords, spears to maces but never have I created such a weapon to sword like that" he pointed at my Katana attached to my waist. I moved my cloak to give him a better look.

He stared at it in astonishment and then to look away and go through his things looking for whatever he was searching for.

"The extraordinary design of a curved single bladed sword, and the lightness of the handle but curious to why only one side is sharp while the other is blunt." He stopped searching for whatever he was looking for and just stood there with his hands on the table and looking down at something.

I listened carefully, feeling proud at my people for creating such a unique sword.