The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 29 - Stubborn Fox

Homura's amber eyes gazed upon her icy blue orbs, baffled at what was happening in front of him. Her smile warmed his little pounding heart, never had he felt human kindness from her. He was always hunted down by hunters, kicked, or had stones thrown at him but never had he have a human take care of him in such way.

Her palm was warm upon his head. Homura didn't want her to take her hand off his head, liking the warm sensation it was sending.

By feeling the warm palm on his head thoughts of his dear mother came pouring in his mind, those bright orange eyes of hers laying eyes on the amber eyes of her youngest cub but to be disturbed by arrows coming from all directions.

He snapped out of his angry daze, wriggling his head away from the palm that laid on top of his head.

"Tch, I don't need your stinky name. I don't even want to be in the presence of a vile human" he snarled again.

"I don't care whether want the name or not but I'm going to call you Homura until you get better" she crossed her hands stubbornly; she didn't care what the fox thought or said he was injured and leaving him here would mean death for the innocent snobby creature.

Homura stared at her in confusion. "Excuse me" he said. He didn't know what this human was planning but he was very cautious.

Artemis rested her cheek on her palm, grinning at the baffled fox "You can't fend for yourself injured like that can you".

A silent growl escaped his lips. He couldn't argue with that statement. Homura wouldn't be able to hunt or fend for himself in the state his in now.

"So, I will be taking you with me until your able to walk and hunt for yourself".

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