Finally finished bandaging the fox's paw, I plopped myself on the grass and leaned against a tree. I needed a rest, a rest from running, a rest from talking foxes and this world.

I looked up above myself, watching how the soft blobs of clouds slowly moving across the crystal blue sky, birds flying freely without a care in the world.

"I wonder if I ever fly freely like that?"

"Mmm" the fox groaned, fluttering his eyes open to reveal the honey amber eyes of his. His head shot up the moment his eyes opened. His ears perched up like a prey listening for any sound from the predator hiding away. "Am I in animal heaven?"

"Oh, that would be nice" I answered him. He span his head quickly towards where I was. "You" he snarled at me, narrowing his beady little amber eyes of his.

"Yo" I answered lazily. He stood up unaware of his injured leg. "I have a bone-" he winced when he took a step of his injured front paw. "Take it easy mate. We don't want that paw to get even more severe" I explained getting up from my spot and approached the limping fox.

"You human what did you do to my paw? What's this vile thing you wrapped around my paw?" he wiggled his paw, examining the brown cloth I ripped from the cloak.

"I patched you up, so it doesn't get infected. At least you can say thank you" I said crossing my hands.

He eyed me up and down suspiciously. "Hmph, like I will ever be gratitude to a human" he refused, turning his little head to the side, and pointing his snout in the air. I sneered at his rude manners.

"You stinky fox" I crossed my hands and hissed in disgust. 'Whenever I patched up an injured animal they would always stick by my side and want me to pat them but this fox, this fox is just so ungrateful and it's pissing me off'.

"Stinky? STINKY!" he growled. "I smell like the fresh grass of the forest, the spring leaves of the trees" he blabbered so confidently about himself. "While you" he sneered at me and then sniff the air. "Smell like a pile of stinky bird poop rolled in mud" he continued.