I tapped my finger on the edge of the window frame, watching how the trees past by us. It was boring as hell sitting there doing nothing. I wanted to listen to the radio or jam to music, but carriages don't have radios or Alan walker neither did I have my phone to play subway surfers, temple run or candy crush. Damn I love those games, I played it ever since they were released.

How do these people live without phones or Wi-Fi? I'm already dying inside.

How many times I have I mentioned I hated the ancient world?

"I rely on you to not tarnish the Glacies name in front of the prince or do something to insult the prince" Ariana told me again for the 7th time on this carriage ride.

I sneered at her and rolled my eyes at her ignoring her words the 7th time.

She observed me from top to bottom. Ariana was in dismay. "You aren't the Diana I know." Her words made me freeze, they were bound to figure Diana's unusual behaviour some day or another.

I looked sideways towards her direction, my chin still resting upon my palm. She narrowed her eyes at me. "It's like you're a whole different person. You talked back to father and his royal highness which you were never bold enough to do yet you did."

I waited for her to finish her sentence as I was prepared with the answer, I have been thinking for the past few days to answer it.

"Diana, you were rather persistent to agree with the annulment of your engagement with the prince even if you spent your life waiting to marry him like you told me weeks ago. You even didn't want to meet the prince like you always wanted to. What caused you to change so quickly? Or who are you really?" her intense stare locked with mines searching for the imposter inhabiting her half sister's body.

A long sigh escaped my mouth. "Ariana, people are bound to change, no one stays the same forever. They learn to grow up and accept that the world isn't all fairy tales or happily ever after's".

I didn't look her way as I spoke, my attention was on the trees, remembering how I was fool in my past life. I too lived in my fairy tale that didn't end with a happily ever after.