Brenda's POV

I should have known Norma was after all this drugs. It should be her and she has the nerve making me look like the bad one here. I look at my Mate who seems so amazed about everything. I can't believe it she was with Norma all the time. I don't like that girl really she is not good for her.

I didn't know what to say to my mate as I just look at her seeing her look at me asking me what, what really she has a nerve we will see tonight who is boss when I'm going to mark her exactly. My parents decided that it's time for us to mark us each other and Jacky should too and I don't know about her because she still needs to tell chrissy about it and I don't know how she will react. Lucia is already a vampire so that's nothing to worried about.

Hey but I just can't stop thinking about Norma making me giggle as I drink down on my coke waiting for our food to come as I glance down at chrissy and Jacky, they're really love each other i just hope she won't be a problem to be turned, but we can also asked Kat to help them if she doesn't want to be turn but just mark  her as mate.

Lucia's mind wasn't here I could sense she wasn't feeling nice with the quietness around the table we all look at her strangely when Norma left the table. Chrissy also look at her and laugh making my mate frown at her. I really don't know what she thought at the moment, but it look like she has some questions to ask Lucia but stay quiet to spare peace between them. I wonder how it will be when they fight because I never saw them fight.

Chrissy was still ignoring her somehow and I was getting frustrated how long did  they see each other and when, were they when she left to go and smoke this stuff making me growl softly feeling eyes on me. I look at chrissy seeing her look at me.

I smiled at her and clear my throat, "so chrissy when Lucia would go out to see her sister where were you? I ask her seeing her glance at Lucia who also look at me.

" Brenda really now? my Mate ask looking at me.


always, but I think sometime when she lost it." she said looking at her friend. I don't blame you, you know you just like your sister, doesn't care

our selfs not talking about

what's ts wrong with you now? Lucia ask looking at

that you were pregnant." I ask her looking into her eyes not getting this feeling out of my mind what  Norma could have made my Mate done when it was just the two of

on a stray seeing her smile. She put down

you mean when you say we just doesn't care about everything, what to you know about everything? my mate ask chrissy with a frown on her face putting down her knife and fork looking at chrissy.

I don't have time for you just leave me alone." she said and went

wasn't holding you and why would I, is not like you care about anything."She told chrissy as I pull down on her arm seeing

I asked her

please can we just have lunch in peace or else can we go

I don't care about your sister she has nothing

a divorce. I care when you was almost killed by a wolve and I left our place and my school, my parents house my only thing i have from my parents to came

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