We driver down and out of the forest into the beautiful town of kimberley making me smile. I don't know what time last I have seen this place my head out of the the car looking through the streets and hearing so many noise even.oise km away from us. The sun shine bright and it started to burn my skin making me growl out.

Chrissy isn't talking with me which I don't know why and I don't know why she asked me to came with them if hse is going to act now like a child. Brenda was driving so fast very fast like we was the only people on the planet and now cars in the path making me yell through the wind feeling how my hair waves. I would glance now and than at chrissy who doesn't seems to mind me as she was busy on her phone Jacky and Brenda was talking and I don't understand how they could talk why she was driving so fast.

I look at my friend seeing her play some game on her phone making me smile at her when I grabbed her phone from her as she try to grabbed it back but I shove her away with my left hand holding the phone up in the air with my right laughing so hard seeing her try to get it from me.

"jacky she is chating with someone on her phone just look! I scream at Jacky seeing her look at me with widen eyes.

" Babe stop it now before you lose her phone. "Brenda told me.

" Lucia give my phone back now. "she told me pulling me on my dress my dress was so high you could see my tights and my stomach the way Chrissy was pulling on me but I hold her back with my left arm pushing her back.

"Stop it chrissy you exposing Brenda's body out here just look how you have u dress me." I said hearing my Mate growl seeing her try to look over her shoulder.

"Lucia please just give it back I don't wanna talk to you." she said making me laugh.

"Jacky do you wanna see that she is cheating on you with this guy I saw her chating with him." I said to Jacky seeing she grabbed chrissy away from me but her hands was clap away by chrissy seeing her climb on the seat and sitting down on her knees to reach my arm, but Brenda was driving so fast pulling us back and forth as I push her back a little hard making her fall back with her back on the door hearing a pain groan escaping from her lips making my eyes widen in shock as I look to my friend hearing Jacky growl at me.

The car suddenly stop almost making me fall into the seat in front of me if it wasn't for the seat belt.

"I'm so sorry chrissy I didn't mean it." I said looking at my friend while Jacky help her up to sit straight checking her out for any spin damage. Ther was tears In her eyes making me feel bad as I give her phone back when she grabbed it out of my hands making me sight.

" Lucia get your dress down now! Brenda growl at me when we see people had stop to stare at us making me smirk at her as I pull my dress down looking at chrissy. Jacky sit now between us holding her girlfriend in her arms making me feel really bad I just wanted to play with her.

"Chrissy I'm sorry." I told her but she didn't say anything to me making me sight as I look at my Mate seeing her shrugged her shoulders.

"Why don't you came and sit next to me." she said opening the door for me as I climb out feeling really bad.

my stomach with Brenda's hand on my tights.I would glance at them through the review mirror seeing them kiss

check if Norma is there

also have lunch there.

to me but I was glad when I hear her laugh and talk with the others while I just

enter seeing Monique run up to me when she saw us walking in making me laugh

you? she asked me when move out of

you doing? I asked smiling

you I'm so happy to see you." she

you and I'm glad that you happy tell me is

is on lunch but she should be here any minute. "she told

sit down seeing her look at me with a smile on her face as I smile back

could have find something better, but I like it here." she

please give us meeting?

helping the other the customers. She was really happy and I

would you have? Brenda ask me as I turn

chrissy who look away when I look at her wondering for how long she will be

food can you please eat something first then we will have it for dessert." she said.

are not here just for lunch." Jacky said looking at

to have a burger and chips." chrissy said.

in my Mate's ear making her giggle.

What? she asked looking

everytime we would go out she would take a burger." I said looking at chrissy who smile at something her Jacky had

nothing wrong in it. "Brenda said kissing me as I just roll my eyes

you  decided what you will have? she

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