Lucia POV

After breakfast I take LJ to Luke because she insisted me on seeing the baby and jazmine. She couldn't believe that it was me standing in front of her. She burst our crying making me feel bad for forgetting about them. The hole people who i was Brenda and the others safe them and staying with us but in their own house Luke and uriel and jazmine is staying together.

I was really happy to see her again and the baby too AJ has grow now and I can't wait to see her tonight. Her mother ask me to look after her tonight when they go into the woods. They say it was a tradition thing they to every night when it's full now. I was nie on my way to my room I still having seen Brenda  since this morning and I don't know what she's up to she should just stay out of my way and I would do the same.

"Babe you not done yet? chrissy asked me seeing her walk out of her room.

" No I'm not I just got here from jazmine are we leaving?I asked seeing her all puff up looking sexy and beautiful.

"Yes, Jackie is in there talking to Joan." she said.

"Chrissy about what I asked you this morning..

" We fine lu I promise we happy and we love each other what more do you want me to tell you? she ask me.

"I love you chrissy you know and is just I've though of you becoming a vampire." i said looking at her.

"What, but I she didn't get the time to finish her sentence because Jacky decided to open the door. We will talk chrissy told me and walk back to her room with Jacky behind her.

laptop not glancing at my way. I didn't care to bother her anyway as I walk to my closet and look for something to wear. It was summer after all and the sun was very hot out side and I still have some new clothes do I'm going with some black shorts a black heel still looking out a blouse or a top to go with the

wrong with her and I'm not in the mood to fight with her so I just look away from her and look something eks to wear for

clothes. I do my makeup just lightly because there no time I could hear how chrissy

Brenda's arms wrapped around my waist from behind me as she kiss down on my cheek.  " I'm sorry about this morning she told

. "I told

roll my eyes. I move myself from her grip and look

on her lips and

know why you going on like we going to your wedding jeez you loud. "I told her hearing Jacky choke

sticking her tongue

just know because she is my sister." I said looking at her she was so shy seeing her hide

louder then you." I heard Brenda's voice said behind

know Brenda." Chriss said walking away from us. Brenda put her arms around my wats kissing me down on

me as I walk out of her grip following Jacky who called out

now Lucia what have you done. "she said

I did nothing please don't blame me. "I told her laughing at

Brenda asked her sister who try to talk to Jacky making me laughing seeing how she look at

wanna ride with your mate." chrissy said pointing at

you still loud." I told her  crossing my arms

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