"If that's what you want then it's fine babe." I said biting down on my wrist and brought my hand up to her seeing her close her eyes and inhale the scent of my blood smiling at her as she grabbed my arm so fast and shove it to her sexy lips making me moan as she drink from my wrist looking at me with her beautiful red eyes.

I didn't stop her I should have known that she was thirsty I haven't seen her drinking any blood making me tens seeing her stop as she just stare at me for a moment.

"Are you okay? she asked looking at me

" I'm fine baby girl you can drink. "I told her.

" You tens Brenda . "she said licking her lips making me moan by it.

" Is just Lucia I never saw you drink any blood are you sure you fine? I asked her bringing my arm up to her mouth.

"I want you blood Brenda not that blood your mom gave me to drink." she said making me laugh as she started to drink again. I  should have known but I was so caught up thinking about her well-being and forget that she was new to this things. She stop and push my arm away and stand up from the couch as she move to the bed and lay down.

"Did you have enough? i asked walking up to the bed and sit down by her feet holding down in her legs.

"Yes  thank you. "she said.

" Will you eat something? I asked her.

you please

you. "I

I climb on the bed but was stop with her hand in

ny speed and undress myself all

wrapped my arms around her body as she snuggle

okay babe I'm here okay."

of me I'm also sorry about that but I don't

I shouldn't have done it you are my Mate and what I

Brenda can we go down just to be with the family I feel really bad and I think the baby is hungry maybe

down but I don't know if my parents

up. "she spoke when there was a knock on

is here." I told her and move off

some clothes on." she

putting my robe on feeling a gust of wind swing the bed empty as I walk up to the door and open it finding sad a LJ standing in the door

to eat with us? she ask walking into the room as

baby? Lucia ask LJ sitting up straight as she walk

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