Brenda's pov

I was so on ease prying for this people to leave because I don't know what's going through Lucia mind she makes me tens everytime I heard her growl I from of tthe humans. I was scared she lost control and really kill miss Lucas why was she here I asked myself playing with my Mate belly feeling how the baby moves around in her stomach. Lucia's mind wasn't here she wasn't even looking and listening to what we talk about.

"Would you all stay for dinner? my mother asked making me tens as I felt Lucia shake on my laps feeling her move and shifted as straddling me with her legs around my waits  and her arms around my neck as I look at the others seeing they look at me.

"If that's not problem? miss Lucas asked looking at me and then at my mom.

"No darling it's not a problem"

"Can they just leave already." Lucia spoke up making eyes widen in shock.

I pushed her away from my chest to look at her seeing she look at me with annoying face making me smile at her .

soon too. But Lucia joh she is very different really. I'm just so scared she will kill her I don't know how stronger is but all I can

about her she is not feeling well don't bother her." my mom said making me tens up as I saw Lucia climb off from my Lap and look at my mom.

sick." she

back but she pull her hand out of mine looking at me.

here with your whore then laying with me? she asked looking at me with tears in her eyes.

our guest like this. "her

is guest here his whore who wanted to sleep with my Mate she

me speed up to

show her some manners." my mother yell as we walk down the hall as I stop leaving her hand and look at her as she walk

voice making her stop on the point. I try to relax myself really not knowing what got into her. I was really angry but I understand her

know what's going on your mind, but that's not really a good way to welcome your visitors." I told her in a cool manner seeing her turn her

on my chest, and don't tell me how to treat vistors you kiss her Brenda right in front of me and now your mother act like I'm crazy but

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