Lucia's POV

"When did this happen? Brenda aask looking at me.

" Today she was there to check up on me. "I told her what I did I sight feeling about it looking down at my stomach.

" What did you do babe? she asked me taking my hands in hers.

"I. I uh uhm... I thought by hitting on my stomach I would kill her so I told her about that and she asked me if she could check if she is alright I told them seeing Catherine eyes widen in shock looking at me like I was a monster as I look at Brenda seeing just spity in her eyes but she just grabbed and hug me.

"It's okay baby girl she is fine now." she said caressing my back as I snuif her feeling so hungry for her blood. I don't know where this sudden thirst came from feeling my fangs wanna pop out from gums as I hold her so tight kissing down on her neck making me growl soflty.

" Okay you two you guys can go back now and Brenda please its almost dinner, LJ neh." her mom told her as we walk out of the room hand in hand.

"Oh there they're are." I said looking at LJ and luke with a smile on my face . They look so happy. "I said looking at them hearing Brenda growl as I look at her with furrow eyes.

"Can you all just stop saying that." she spoke looking at me making me laugh.

"What's wrong with you and what's wrong in saying they look happy oh no Brenda you to much protective." I told her walking up to LJ and Luke who just saw us seeing both of them running up to us

"Mommy Lucia! LJ shout as I open my arms for them.

to pick her up now it's not good

both of them and kiss them all over the faces hearing them laugh. I grabbed Luke into my arms because the last time I saw him when

so big." I said poking his

much. "he said hugging me again so hard making me  fall down on ass hearing LJ laugh at me but I flince when hearing Brenda growl

it seems like she doesn't like him at all. She help me off from the ground shaking off the dust from my ass hearing her growl as I push her away from me hearing he laughed but I was not laughing at her Luke is just

wrong now? she asked

with Luke but it seems you don't like him how darw you frightening him like that Brenda he is kid please don't do

where we going? LJ asked me as I look

us some milk shakes and then we can go to your room playing some games." I told her hearing them scream happily as we walked down

thanks God you here can you please make us

I want chocolate. "LJ said looking at Martha

little boy? she asked Luke who hide behind my dress as I turn around to look at him.

seeing he look at me with his

as I

do you want? I asked him.

as LJ's. "he said

as I look from

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