Brenda's Pov

Lucia was a shaking mess and she was sweating so much I understand that is was the cravings. I couldn't see her like this but I love it when she would snuggle into me but I just understand why she was so restless she was already close to me but she wants to snuggle more into me as she lies with her face into my chest snuifing me. She is so beautiful and adorable. I wanted to asked her what she had decided but I can't I don't wanna spoil this beautiful time we had with each other.

"Darling are you okay? I asked her.

" I'm fine I'm just feeling cold. "she told me.

"That's impossible you can't get a cold now. Is just maby the cravings maybe I can asked  someone to make you lemon juice with a little honey and ginger in." I spoke trying to grabbed her face from my chest because I want to see her beautiful face but she don't let me making me sight.

" If it will take away this feeling. "she said from under my chest.

" Okay babe anything for my queen." I connected with chrissy to mindlink her.

"Where's LJ? she asked me but I was focusing on chrissy wonder how she will react when hearing my voice in her mind if Jacky didn't taught her about it by now.

" Chrissy darling Lucia is here and she's not feeling so good can you please ask one of the maids to prepare for her something to eat and lemon juice with honey and ginger but it should be warm and get my mom here please and thank you."

" Brenda . "she called for me as I look at her seeing her  beautiful face. "what sexy." I answer." making her blush as she hides her face back on my chest.

I asked you mos."

with chrissy." I told her, and she is with Luke."I said caressing her

her up as she put her face in the crooked of my neck snuifling me making me flinch feeling a shiver

feeling her put ehr cold hands under my shirt and lay it

breath out kissing me on my

body? I asked her giving more space to lay with her face on my neck making me smile.She groan grabbing my right breast making moan feeling the sparks

asked her but she didn't answer me. I love you so much I hug her so tight hearing her whimper but she makes me stop feeling her hold on my bood tightens baby I don't know why you hurting me while I just show you how much." I

asked  looking at me with raise eyebrows.

had my bood still in her hand pressing harder on it making me graon out as I look

so strong as you have said." she told me looking

she  moves back to my neck. So I'm not favorite person anymore? I asked

she asked playing with nipple making me flince now and then. I was on the verge on tg robbing

it more attention then me. "I said feeling sad feeling her move from my neck to

couldn't do it to her so I stop the kiss just the time for chrissy to walk into room with my mom and Cathy behind her as I smiled

at me

looking sad for the way her daughter behave

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