I really feel bad for my Mate and I don't know how to help her but all I can do for her is to get her someone who she can talks to if she wants to. I understand what happened this morning and I'm going to be here for her if she wants me to kiss her I would if it will make her happy but I was scared about that.

I sight walking around the room waiting for her. I was scared to leave her alone for only one second. We are back to our room now she told me that she and chrissy clean it by them self which I really don't consider because she is pregnant and we have mates for godsakes she is my queen and queens don't clean. I really love this and she is something else she the one who I can say I know around my years who find a rich mate and still don't act like it. Some wou have take advantage of the mates ordering them around but not Lucia.

"I'm Done. "I heard my mate's beautiful voice seeing her walk into the bedroom with a robe covering her body but she just look so beautiful. I look at her beautiful dark black hair which I don't understand this isn't her Hair color and it was long it reach her ass. I walk up to her and look into her eyes trying to go into her mind but she block me making me sigh a she look at me with furrow brows.

"Something wrong? she asked walking pass me to be closet.

" You look different. "I told her, but I love it." I said kissing her on cheek.

"Thank you the hole family said so but mother said it because I'm a vampire. "she spoke as she take out a yellow shirt dress it was kind of warm today a nice weather.

I didn't answer her because my eyes was fixed on her. She didn't took off the robe but rather dress her self with the robe still on her boby making en feel so confuse she wasn't scared about me seeing her body but it looks like she dont want me to see her body making me feel sad.

"I think I'm going down stairs you will find me there. "I should leave so that's she can dress comfortably.

" No no please I'm almost done. "she said looking at me over her shoulder.

" Lucia please I want you to be comfortable around me and if you do not want me to see your body you should have asked me to leave the room, it's okay you won't hurt my feelings. "I told her looking at ther door with my back towards her.


feel comfortable about everything and need me to leave the room then you just told me okay? I told her holding her face in my

she said

be hungry I spoke smiling at her seeing her look at me with raise

and not your mate. "she

you hungry baby girl? I asked her seductively with a smirk on her face seeing her shock face as she push

won't eat if you just going to care about the baby! she shouts as I run after her following

spoke near her ear as I pick her bridal style and speed us to the dining room hearing her giggle giving me so much

"she told me when I put her down seeing everyone look at us accept for

my mother greet us with a smile on her face looking between me and Lucia. I pushed out a chair for her as she sits

everyone." my Mate greet and fixed her focus back

sit down next to my Mate taking her hand in my mine to feel her close to me looking at the

away from LJ as she look at her mother

table as a grown flash cross over her face, uhm I'm sorry but this baby makes it so hard for me here's nothing on the table which she want to eat." she said looking at

Lucia we will just ask the chefs to cook something for you what the baby wants." my mother spoke looking at but she stops her and stand up but I hold

going? I asked her as

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