Brenda's Pov

I looked at Lucia my Mate my.l beautiful woman laying in amrs as I hold her so close to me not wanting to let her go ever from my hold. We cry the and talk the hole night through until I forces her to sleep be I felt how ex she was. She was really emotional drain and it was all because of me and I couldn't let it happen any further because I don't want any harm to the people I even told her why I was so scared when I found out that she was using drugs because it reminded me when I was pregnant with LJ which leads to another topic when she asked me who is LJ's father.

I couldn't answer her right away because it wasn't the right time to talk about it and she needed to rest. I didn't sleep because I couldn't I felt so bad that I wasn't here for her and I'm so grateful for my family who was here for here. She also told me that she couldn't sleep because everytime she would close her eyes everything just came back and it was hard for her because it feel like she is going through it all over again. It breaks me when she told me that and that's why she went and use drugs because it makes her feel good and relaxed.

I couldn't stop telling her how sorry I was and we are now laying together feeling so at peace but I couldn't because the men for my mate's pain is out there and thinking about that I need to see Jerome making me growl feeling Lucia shift in my arms. I look down at her she was beautiful her hair was longer then her first one I guess being a vampire  changed few of her features making her look like a goddess. I kiss down on her for head hugging her tigth close to me feeling happy to have her this close to me.

know what to do about the baby but I told her to keep it and that we will love her like our own child but she just couldn't because it will remain her of Jerome and that guy which she don't want to look at her child like that. I wanted to tell

her shoulders. I want use to leave this place

She makes me feel so alive and happy.  I look down at her pink lips as I crave to kiss it which is

need her to wake up we need to bath and go to breakfast we need to bring back the happiness of this house I have heart everything chrissy told her and it was true but it wasn't just her mistake but mine too and we going to do it together to bring back the joy of this clan we going to rule this clan together no matter. Thinking of Jacky making me smile with a smirk on my face what happened there with them. We thought she was killing chrissy for a moment there I laugh seeing Lucia embarrassed face of last she was so embarrassed but was really angry for Jacky for her hurting her

as I caressing her cheek never taking my eyes from her as we just stare at each other enjoy being this close in each other arms. She did something that really shock me because I didn't

back and straddling me as we kiss each other making me moan out. I miss her so much I miss her kissing me and I just couldn't say to no to her as I kiss her back but I was scared to touch her. The kiss was slow and passionate we did not rush we express our love in this kiss as our tongues collide feeling her fight to

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