I hate it to see them cry and when I'm the reason for it. I felt so bad I felt so stupid and I couldn't take the way I'm feeling. It was the best way to get Lucia to go and see someone. She is on drugs for God sake damnit how can she be so stupid. I was now in the guest room pacing back and forth. I couldn't stand the way of hearing my beautiful daughter cries. She don't deserve it. She deserves her mom but I couldn't let her be close to Lucia she wasn't herself and I don't know what she is capable of her since she has a huge kind of power.

How could she just disappear like that from my grip that's impossible. My heart hurts. This was not my way to return back home to fight with her or anyone. I had done what I thought was right searching for him. I need to talk to uriel Lucia's angel where is she after all she should have helped her be a good person but here she was going around doing drugs.

"Oh my, my Mate is pregnant." I felt tears prick out of my eyes as I remembered that I was also raped like her and I got pregnant just like her. She didn't ask for this to happen yes I was fault in this is because of me that she is pregnant but no because of me that's she using drugs. She made that decision and it was wrong of her to let this get her down. I know being raped its like your life been suck out of you.

I sit down on the cold floor with my elbows on my knees and my head between my hands crying just thinking about how I couldn't figth them off. They was strong they had a hard hold on me while they rape me time after time. This wasn't my attention this wasn't my wish for her to be caught up with this to went thr what I went through and I wasn't here to help her through with all that pain I wasn't here to help her at all. I'm feeling bad about that I felt so ashamed about that. I should have been here for her. But I wasn't.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." I cry to myself. I felt someone sit next me and took me into they arms huggeme tight as I cry now all my fears and pain out. I know it was my friend and I'm so grateful that she was here to comfort me I wasn't really in the mood for any one but this is just What I needed.

"It's okay Brenda . I'm here now Jacky is also here and Katshiwe we here for you my friend. You not alone."She told me as she just hold me to cry everything out.

out like we always do so that Brenda can calm down. "I

will be so cool us

move from Naomi and wipe my tears listening on what they discussing about us going out tonight which I don't know. " what

wasn't really in the mood for people I know they meant good but really going out is the last thing onmy mind. I'm going to watch Lucia so closely and I'm going to

ignoring us or are you angry with us too."

if you angry with us too we just here to help you."

or other time you have to come out." They talk as I just roll my eyes and let the waters run down my body. I felt a little pain in my rib where she kick me she did kick me hard making me smile. She really got domes bolls trying to fight me back but feeling back all of the sudden but

be...how could he just vanished like that. I haven't seeing jerome around and I need to visited him he should be down in the dungeon my parents mush have punish him. He

if I have to find out she is after this I'm going to rip her head off I swear I growl getting

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