Brenda's Pov

I find myself in my daughter's room watching over her sleep body looking so peaceful. I'm ready for what ever shit she's going to give me like the others did. I have miss her so much. I really don't know what's going on here what happened when I wasn't around. My Mate being pregnant the same way I was rape decades ago. I couldn't believe mom did not try to help her preventing her to get pregnant. I don't know how I will cope with her being pregnant by someone else's.

I wonder where she went off. I know is hard for her but I'm here now I was searching all of over every country for him. I couldn't let them just go away like that. I'm going to find them and I'm going to make them feel what they put my Mate and the others through. The door of the room suddenly open as I watch silently to the door waiting for the person to enter. I stop frozen when the sweet strawberry scent hid me. I didn't know what to do at the moment.

I sighted looking through the window as the sun was coming out any few hours. I wasn't ready to face her my inner animal was crying out for me to look at our mate I felt disgusting hearing that soft heart beat of that fetus. I don't know what she feeling what she going through at the moment where she goes so late in the night. My nose snuif the air as I speed over to Lucia who stand in the door snuifing her. My eyes widen in shock as I look at her, her eyes was blood red and that wasn't the color of her vampire side she was high she was using drugs making me so angry as I growl a loud growl not knowing why I'm feeling so bad feeling the world crash down on me every bone in my body was on the point of crashing I couldn't take the pain as I scream looking into the eyes of the one I love. I didn't not wat was happening to me.

"How could you, are you crazy you pregnant and you go around getting high what got into you damnit Lucia." I growl at her.

"Mommy. "I heard LJ's sleepy voice but I was caught off guard when I push by Lucia snarling at me with her now red eyes.

huh where were you  and why do you care now it's not your baby so why care

was out there searching for the this stupid child's father. I growl pointing at her stomach, I was out there searching for him to kill him for all the pain he put you through did you know what I went

my throat and throw me against the wall letting a pain running down


growl and speed over to her and grabbed her on her throat and push her

stronger then me. How dare you just look at you don't

please just stop it." LJ scream at us but I freeze when she was just gone out of my my hand but... I was caught off when I felt her grabbed me and throw me into a wall again as

because of you why I'm in this state why I'm raped and

speed up and hold her her hands behind her back and push her up so that we can be face to face. Our eyes lock as we look into each other eyes hissed and growl at

don't fight." LJ cry making me feel weak on the stop I was so close to Lucia that I felt the baby kick hearing her gaspe also but the contrast of the baby kicking. All my angry suddenly vanished just like that by Lucia's surprised face when the baby kicks but how many

a problem for that child of yours. I don't want to see you with my daughter again don't even glance at her. I'm not going to allow a druggie to be my daughter's mother put yourself together I'm ashamed to call you my Mate. "I told her and

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