"Brenda a what's wrong your noise", Jacky spoke in concerned.

I felt agitated something was definitely wrong everything felt wrong even my body felt just not right. I wipe my noise seeing blood on my hands as my eyes widen in shock she was in bad danger and the blood coming from my noise is a sign of unfaithfulness. No she won't do it someone is definitely doing it to her by force making me growl loudly just thinking about it.

I can't let it out of my head as the pain constantly hit me what did she mean by your... Jerome. I'm a bad mate who can't even try and protect her I have fail her mother and I have fail her, but this time I won't let them go unharmed the councilors have left I just hope they not going to messed this up because I won't be so mercy full.

"Where's Jerome? I asked looking between all the different eyes staring at me with shocked faces.

"Brenda darling your noise is bleeding and that's a bad sign", my mother told me. I just glare at her trying to get my mind on what my Mate was trying to say to me.

"She said your... Jerome what does she mean by that and where the fuck is Jerome. If he has anything to do with her I swear I will kill him, I will kill him fuck with brothers I will fucking kill him! I angrily growl as I try to connect with her again.

"Brenda we need to go something is definitely wrong with her, why is your noise bleeding and why would Jerome be working with them no it can be it should be someone else ", dad spoke as he try to think.

"I, I mm uh don't know h..ow to say this but I think Jerome is", I heard chrissy spoke as she look down to the floor.

I didn't wait time as I move close to her, hearing Jacky growl at me... "please can you just tell us all ready what you know and why you think so? I asked her pleadingly.

She look at Jacky as she reassure her that's its okay to speak

" She once told me that she over h...eard Jerome talk over the ph..on..e. "she stuttering not trying to look at me while she plays with her fingers she must be really scared of me..." about the party and plans that they need to change or that some things Has changed I'm not sure and it was just I think a day before her birthday and yours....

" Okay okay, so what plans was he talking about over the phone and where were he the day my Mate got kidnapped", I try to think.

trying to blame your brother for

what is it then, mmm Lucia heard him talk over the phone and now she was calling

going to attack since there's many people

care who is there, I will kill everyone who has a connection with her kidnapping and i swear to you mom, Dad I will kill your child if he has any hand in this I will kill

one of the

have left her, you should have stay", I

know and I'm all ready feeling bad about it and we have no time, we need to go I won't no what

and she is lucky to have you as her angel

we going to do this, I think you father is going to send down the vampires from the clan house while we check out for the alpha and any lead of Jerome he should be there by now. Mom spoke as he

on a spell on them so they won't know that we coming, I think Brenda you and Norma should target the trains and check for the Alpha", khatiswe spoke, her eyes already glowing a dark purpwl as she out the spell on

you came with me, we can leave with them from there",she told her as her black claok was

on my Mate to make sure she

Why don't you tell her to come down here,

heard LJ spoke as I look to her direction with shock

won't be coming with us okay, you going to stay right here with Jacky and mother Cathy, you going to look after them", I told her as I took Her

is not the time okay

Fine", she spoke crossing her arms

not sure what they had plan while we will

will kill everyone and this time I won't hold j back hse is really out for some blood

to spill some blood? I asked my inner

"Not for long my friend not for long

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