Brenda's POV

I left the sit room because I was almost on the verge on killing everyone in there. My Mate was all thing on my mind I couldn't think of anything else . No trace of alpha lex and his pack nothing they just vanish from this world. Something doesn't make sense here, everytime we got a tip off then it is just a dead end. Someone here must be working with them that's why it's impossible for us to reach them. I need to find her and I need to find her soon.

My inner animal is agitated since this morning ,she isn't talking with me .I can see her in my mind sitting with her back towards me. Nothing seems right, I wasn't feeling good. I can't get through mindlinking with Lucia something was definitely wrong. I can still feel her but why can't I get through to her, it's been days since I have heard from her either.

I couldn't sit nor stand still everything was dark ,everything seems dark. darkness was following me since my Mate left me. Day by day I'm losing my mind and I can't control the feeling and craving of killing everyone. I was craving blood none stop since she's gone.

I sight putting my hands down on my wardrobe closing my eyes and focus on getting through to Lucia's mind....ahh oh. Something is wrong I can feel it.

"Fuck it, "i slam my fist down on my wardrobe feeling the pain in my eyes while I see stars. My head starts to hurt as I try to walk to my bed. I do not know what to feel I can't feel anything.

I took my map from my working desk and trow it open while I try to clean my mind and think straight as I move my pen down. All I could think of it's her, she is my everything, my air, my breath who will do this to her, what has she done to deserve this.

"I will kill them all, I will kill them all", I scream pushing, throwing everything on my desk down on the floor destroying my room. Which is not a room Since she is not here. I don't know what came over me but I wasn't myself it felt like she was taking over she was taking control as I move so fast breaking just everything in my way.

I can't let her out no one knows what she is capable of doing she is hurt so am I and she doesn't have mercy as I does  because I still have my instincts telling me what I'm about to do wrong and I stop before I could do anything but she won't even bothered.

"Don't, don't try to over power me, I can't let you out not now", I scream trying to fight her of.

"My Mate is hurt, she is in pain and you been stubborn. I'm not letting her be in Pain any more", she shouted back at me.

My legs felt weak as I fall down on my knees with my hands in front of me.

"Brenda darling", I heard my mother's voice calling in my mind as I try not to lost focus...

"please don't you know what happened when she saw me kill those people, what will she thinks k when she returns and we not her..", I reassure her.

"I'm doing it for her", she said growling as I can't control her anymore darkness took me over as I feel how she took control over my body.

"Why is it so hard brenda, I'm doing this for all four of us look how distant you are, look at LJ look at lucia mom's she won't forgive us when something really going to happen to her daughter",

"No, no,"I scream from the top of my lungs as I get my strength back as I over power her hearing her cry at the back of my mind..." if you really wanna try to save her then we going to do it the right way ", I growl hearing foot steps  coming closer to my room when the door burst open hearing my mother.

"Brenda honey we could hear you from down there breaking everything, ain't you happy with this room anymore? her caring and panicked voice asked.

I try to stand on my knees when a smell hit my nostrils. I look towards my door seeing the councilors, my parents and Naomi and Jacky standing here.

got on my two legs looking between them,"and what is that smell? I asked, it

and then you join us down stairs", mom spoke walking towards me. She is the only one who is not scared for me I also took one step closer towards seeing the councilors body's stiffened making me

darling", mom told me as she caresses my right cheek with her cold hand, "but you need to calm down and

at my mom feeling love rotating from her. I relax into her cold touch of her l hand on my

mom close her eyes and take a few breaths, I know the risk she took to get this close to

know darling", she spoke taking me into a hug.. "we are here for you, you know that okay", she told me

I know", I

to see she has just information we needed, get yourself ready for

try to control myself and I try to reassure her to be calm. I sight

smirk on my face she could be Lucia's guardian." she told me as I growl again

but Im surely not scared of her when it

mate's", mom told her as

tell me why you have my mate's scent on you and why isn't she here with you ain't you supposed to protect her",

to walk in with a tray full of glasses it smells like wine cocktail and I use my

she grabbed my ear and turn it making me whine at how hard this human lady turns my ear, is not so hard

to do this to me again, you will cause my dead", she  told me finally leaving my ear as I put my hand there still feeling the pain..."I'm sorry

also get Clean clothes for her she stinks", I

my room please and get new things and new clothes for my Mate. I got a feeling that I will kill everyone who has a hand in kidnapping my Mate and brought her back home soon, I don't want her to enter into old memories", I told her as she smiles down at me. I took another glass and sit on the spot where the angel woman have sat and

I breathe out drinking on

better be careful with that", father told me

Mate should be careful, I'm coming for them", I told him looking at

my fingers and hand as I still press it and press it. I smell the scent of blood still looking at the councilors.

but what's wrong with you? my

with me Mr Rox? I asked one of the councilors the one who is above all Here,me standing in front of him not

hair. He is old very old,and maybe too powerful he could have killed me by now but I don't think he has that power to over take my shadow that has him captive like a

down the stairs smiling and talking with each other. She smiled when she saw me as she

is going to take us to mommy Lucia", I heard her told me with so much excitement and joy in her voice, I pick her Up Into



to you", I growl, you may be an angel I don't care okay where's my Mate? I asked

at me seeing her eyes glow making me more angry, "what did you do to her, why is

I heard her spoke as I just glare at her with one hand on my hip and the other scratching the

father asked this time as I sat down

not sure but I just got from heaven, I'm really not guit sure about the places down here but there's a lot of trains old trains down there in a forest",

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